Hannover Maschseefest

We were young and bored, so we visited Hannover for their Maschseefest. It all took place on the lake there. The water is surrounded by numerous tents and stalls. The best plan of attack, of course, was to check out as many stalls as we could and decide what we wanted to eat. A short stroll delivered us a free ice block from a friendly man giving them out to as many people as possible Ice blocks don’t seem so common here, Germans love Ice Cream, so maybe this freebie was to try to crack into the market. Ingrid had some kind of wild fruits flavour and I took the other one, which was mango – I’m not really a fan of mango. We shared our flavour experiences and they were pretty good.
The lake is so large that we only managed to walk half of it before we decided it was time to sit and have something to drink. Conveniently, the ‘Spanish’ section wasn’t very busy, they had a Latin Dance exhibition taking place on the stage, so we had somewhere to sit and something to watch. Not long after taking a seat, a waitress came and asked us what we’d like to drink. Everything was coming together!
We talked and sipped our drinks and looked out over the water, across the shiny faces of the people rowing or peddling their boats. The weather really co-operated today with some blue sky appearing between the clouds, allowing the sun to warm the earth to a fairly comfortable low-twenty degrees something…
That was exhausting. We needed food!
Ingrid wanted a wood roasted Salmon wrap, I know it sounds special, but you can normally get the sandwich version at most of these fests. She will tell you that it is special. In fact they are so special that the first place that sold it was forced to explain to the quite large queue, they’d have to wait around 20 minutes for the fish to cook because the last batch has been eaten. What they do is the hang up to 6 large pieces of salmon on pieces of wood. The then hang all of this over the coals of a fire. I think you get a smokey, fire flavour through the fish, but I don’t eat things from the sea, so I cannot tell you.
Anyway… we didn’t have to wait 20 minutes. We knew there was another place to get the same thing. So we walked there. YOU SEE KIDS! ALWAYS WALK BEFORE DECIDING WHAT TO EAT!
For some reason I wanted to eat a 50cm Bratwurst on bread. In that area there wasn’t one… don’t know where it went. I settled instead for a very tasty sounding Lamb Sausage (Lammwurst) with roasted vegetables. The actual product was a bit of a let down.
Somehow, all of that took something like 4-5 hours to do and it would be late in the night when we arrived home. Traffic is always pretty nice when it’s late, nothing to report.

Colleagues’ New Baby

The guy who owes me a Moving House Pizza, Haitham, and his wife have just announced the arrival of their first baby. It’s a girl. We knew that though. Apparently it was a quick birth. The boss was notified that they were on their way to the hospital at 07:30am and before lunch we all knew she was out.
I’m sure you all send your best wishes to the family, just as we did.
That starts a major Babyfest. AJ and his wife are expecting soon, Ingrid’s friend Natalie and her husband’s child should come soon after, another one of Ingrid’s friends is next and then I think it’s our turn. 3-4 months of newborns.

The Birthday Picnic Party

Here’s a quick recap of the dirty bits.
There were pikers, as mentioned before, that’s a bit annoying.
The first arrival was my Syrian classmate, Khaled.
The weather worked out but the park itself was soaking wet.
I got some great presents.
Sports that wetted all of our bums: Viking Chess (you throw wood sticks at the other team’s wood sticks), Football (soccer) and Cricket.
Cricket made such an impact on Haitham that he bought a cricket set not long after because it was on special.
The last arrival was Jason, the half German, half English Oldenburg guy.
Haitham stacked it spectacularly and I had to stop laughing before I could help him up.
Not much food was eaten.
All of the beer was drunk.

Just Like Every Other Country

Pikers are just as common.
We had organised a Sports Day in the local Stadtpark to celebrate my birthday and the sports of all of our cultures. The response from my friends, the ones I’d helped move house or drove around etc, they were sending ‘unable to attend’ messages just a few hours before we meet. They had 2 weeks notice, could have notified or changed plans before the day, you know, maybe a useful time before you have bought food and drinks. That is not the selfish way of a Piker though.
What do you do against Pikers?

Wedding Saga Complete!

I’ve done it! I’ve finally caught up and written about the entire wedding time (except I didn’t actually write about the wedding, because well… it’s a magical time, with love all around and you had to be there, sorry).
We had guests for 2-ish weeks and we were busy, so I couldn’t write and entertain. The return to work then meant it took even longer to write.
Sorry to all the fans who thought I was single or something like that. Now it’s official. Married. Yep.
There’s even a little boy on the way. Yep. That’s the announcement.

So, you can start here:
Early Visitors

When you get to the bottom of the post, click the next blog on the right hand corner “Stade II…” and repeat until you have read about my parents leaving.
That was the whole adventure.

I hope you enjoy the read!

Wilhelmshaven Fleamarket

Writing has a little light because the weather has been a bit wet, windy and well… good staying indoors kind of weather. I’m sure you’ve already lost interest with reading this, so I’m going to pretty much stop writing.

We did go to the Wilhelmshaven Flohmarkt. We were intending on selling there, but it seemed everyone was packing up to avoid the incoming storm. We bought a sheep skin for something really cheap. Now we have to buy something to clean it with.

Why Would You Watch Wonder Woman?

Sunday saw us at the cinema to watch Wonder Woman in the original language (Germans like to overdub their overseas films, like the Americans do – it ruins the art people! Subtitles or die!!!!).
I was surprised how terrible a film it was. Really.
My friend, who is a comic book fan, could only defend it by saying he liked it and that Wonder Woman is normally a weak, support character that has now improved because they’ve created her in this film.
You see that?
Not one mention of how well the acting is done, the plot, the camera angles, the graphics, the editing, the sound track, not even the action… it’s an action film!! If you don’t come away feeling that the action was good, then, you’ve really eaten rotten celery (which has a low calorie value). Obviously I could keep going into more detail, but I think this paragraph sums up all the weakness of this film, what more can be said?
Oh a highlight!
I thought it was amusing that an American still had to ‘save the day’. Wonder Woman is not American, you see, so she cannot really save the day in an American film, the Americans cannot fist pump and holler at the screen. He saves the day with an unnecessary suicidal sacrifice. Moments before, another character explains how this isn’t required. The bomb on the plain is set to a timer, it will explode, he has to merely get the plane high enough and bail out. Instead he has to use a gun (!!!) to set the bomb off, while he’s in the place. AMURICAH!
I hope I’ve spoiled the film for you. It’s saved you from watching a seriously terrible film.
Half a Wonder Woman Whip of Truth out of Ten.