Going Back!

The Czech Republic is lucky, I’m going to give it a miss.


The plan is to hit up Oktoberfest.  Prior to that I’m going to go to the Dali Museum in Berlin.  Post that I’m going to the Dali Museum in Barcelona.

I’m working on speaking Spanish.  The self conscious part of me is concerned about the reception my attempts at ‘Czech’ were met with, especially when talking to the drummer of Jig Ai (grind band from Czech Rep).  Oh well, they’ll deal with it, or I will.


Now to booking flights!


Hasta Luego!


Where’s the stuff?

I’ve had a whole host of problems getting the photos up*.
I’m editing them currently. Hold your horses. Eventually something will appear. I think I’m about a third of the way through.

How should I go about it? My plan is I post a photo a day (obviously if there are multiples of a similar subject they’ll go in the same post) with some little comment about it. Got a better idea? Please share.

*USB drives dying, modems dying, cables that connect to modems dying, computers lagging (a form of death), etc etc.