The threat to Singapore

I don’t want to alarm anybody but I was looking to book a Mother Eel concert for the time that Inni and I spend in Singapore.  You may relax, it isn’t going to happen, the band aren’t available.

Where have I been?
You dare to ask?!

Well we had Christmas, of course.  This year was a very special one though.  Inni came over, Dan and Emily returned from their huge hiatus in American and Kyle, Kate and Mia came down from Queensland.  It was a big family reunion and it was great!  Aside from the bizarre weather…

Anywho, I’ve “touched base” now, so you can stop holding your breath and looking outside for me.  We’ll be in Singapore soon, I’ll let you know how that goes.

PS. the picture on the header is apparently from Singapore.  I guess it’s implying the blue guy is suspicious of the pink lady.