A Possible Pause in the Broadcast

I’m going to see the Swedish Death Metal band Meshuggah.  It will have been around 8 years since I last saw them and that was in Sydney.  I’m very excited and super appreciative of such a great present.  Unfortunately Ingrid cannot come along, she has to travel to another country for work (I know, I know).

I have a spare ticket if you can meet me?
I actually offered it to almost everyone I know here and one after the other they eventually had some other “thing” to do, or no money to get there.

OK, I shouldn’t really have a problem with posting, I’m riding a bus for 10 hours or so. One way. Maybe this is a bragging post…?


Fake Eyebrows

I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many people, by people I guess I mean women, who paint their eyebrows on their face. Maybe it’s common in Australia too and I am too clueless to notice, or the make up job is better than here, either way, there are a lot of fake brows going around.

Is this why so many people have such little time?


We were recently invited to attend another dinner event, this one is also historical with the main reason for existing being a glut of food but takes it’s name from a religious background with the culprit being St Martin. He was known for sharing. You can read and connect all the dots from this story.
As with all traditions, the meal itself has evolved from the time it began and in our part of Germany we had a piece of goose with a red cabbage sauerkraut, potato dumplings and some marzipan stuff apple thing that had cheese on top. It was delicious, of course, or I wouldn’t write about it, although, I did find the apple thing not to my liking. I really don’t like marzipan.
First things first though, they served a pumpkin soup with fried little bacon pieces and a creamy froth. Then came the goose. For dessert we had the pleasure of tasting a kind of homemade cinnamon icecream. It was interesting, different and delicious.
The table was a bit of an international hotpot. We represented Australia, Colombia, Montenegro, Romania and Russia. There was also one full blooded German present. The common language had to be German. I had my linguistic skills tested although I am certainly getting better.

Another thing that might interest Australians: it seems that the people here don’t observe the 1 minute silence at 11am on the 11th of November. It could be obvious why, but in my talks it seems like not many people in the world know about it.