I got my first bit of mail

Disappointingly it was not from the bank or from my numerous fans. It was advising me that I have to pay money, monthly, to watch television.

Today we went to Moormerland to check out some kind of event there. When we got there, they also had a fleamarket. Turns out that the fleamarket was worth more to us than the event which unveiled itself to us as a party for plants and gardens. They wanted us to pay to enter. We bought a board game “Ubongo” and left. Never shall we talk of Moormerland again.
We arrived at Emden and they were starting the party early! I don’t know what the fete was for, we assume for us. There were rides and old men choirs everywhere. We didn’t buy a board game here, but we had a great time, tried two local beers before returning home.


Oldenburg: a Celebration of Beers

All of Ingrid’s friends who wanted beer therapy piked on Oldenburg’s Bierfest, stating that it’s no good, not enough beers, not enough people, nothing to do and all the other regular piking lameness that pikers always spout.

We went and it ruled! There are about 104 different beers to try from all over the world. I laughed at the Asian tent, all easily available anywhere in Australia. I was very intrigued by the contingent from Africa. The disappointment came quick. This beer was brewed in Belgium! I wanted authentic African beer, from Africa! I got over it with a Scottish Red Ale and a few others.

In more immediate times, as in, news from right now, I just finished my first formal German lesson, with a teacher. He said I was very fast at learning.





A bit of beer, the true medicinal drink

I’m a little bit stressed with moving things overseas thing. My parents are and have been terrific. The company themselves, not so much. Every time something progresses, I receive an email from them that surely should have been asked first…? More to come I’m sure.

This weekend features Oldenburg. They have a Bierfest on for 3 days. We’ll make it for 1, just enough hahaha

In other news, I have met with some guys that may be the beginning of my newest band. We don’t quite match with musical tastes and I’ve learned my guitar isn’t working but we all get along and laugh a bit.

Nothing much else to report, the weather has taken influence from the United Kingdom and decided that not only is grey the most “in” thing right now but that real rain is for special occasions. A soft curtain of moisture is for all day.



Have bike, will ride

I have been gifted a bike! Stephen, a colleague of Ingrid’s, bought a newer one. Great stuff!

Today is a day. A real day, with sunrise, action and intrigue, sunset, dinner and then sleep. What I mean to say is that today I will study, prepare chicken to be fried tomorrow, start German lessons, meet guys that may form my German band and then whatever after.


Brugge: celebrating airbags

Seriously, they have an airbag festival here.

We caught the train to Brugge and followed the throng most of the way to the centre of the town. Brugge is a very pretty place that must have an economy based on beer. There were several stores and bars boasting of having over 100 beers for sale. Ingrid said that was nothing to be excited about. When we found a store that had over 400 she said that was pretty good. It wasn’t until we got to the place with the wall of beers that claimed to have over 1100 beers that we stopped to try some. I wanted to learn how the Belgian Cheers is said, so I asked the people we were sitting with. They are from Brazil, so they don’t know. This started us talking all things, politics, borders, visas, music, beers and where to get the next drink because our bar had closed.
Eventually we caught the train back to Brüssels.

I should mention that we visited the Chocolate museum and Museum of Fries.
Also, a homeboy was checking his toughness in the reflection of the window while walking this dog.

Essen: the town makes you feel old

We’re driving to Brüssels, Belgium and decided to stop at the town Essen, on the German side of the border. We had dinner at a place called The Banana Leaf, a Thai/Malay/Indonesian restaurant. It was really good.

It started getting cold as the sun goes down.

We had to go back to the hotel to get keys for the car which is where Ingrid’s warm things were. It’s between 10-11pm and we notice that most of all the places are beginning to open. What is this? We walk a lap around the main part and it seriously looks like the town wakes up at midnight. After a few beers, we decided we are too old to party like those locals who hadn’t even turned up yet and went to bed.

This morning we had the room service lady start to walk into our room at 9am.  An effective alarm to check out. Here we come Belgium!

Note:the hotel didn’t have any goodies like shampoo, toothbrushes or even drinks for us to enjoy or take with us. Sacrilege!





Almost German

On Monday Ingrid and I went to the gym. Ingrid does Zumba there because she rules. I do free weights which is where all the huge guys hang out apparently. The smaller ones do machines, not for me.  Here’s another interesting thing about German gyms, they have open showers, so if you want to shower, you have to do it prison style with these huge slabs of meat. I drop the soap too much at home, so that’s where I decided to go after I met Ingrid.

I am getting better at ordering food, but I still don’t understand most of what the waitperson says.

I have a German SIM card, I’m testing the Internet on it by posting this.

Tonight we’regoing to the local place to be, Pumpwerk, to watch an outdoor concert of a Jamiroquai cover band. Get funky!