A choice of two towns

Let me set the scene…

Ingrid went for her work placement in a coastal town, 5 hours away from Berlin called Wilhelmshaven.  The hospital paid for her trip and accommodation.  While she was there, they evaluated how she works, how she fits in and then decide if she suits the place in a full time capacity.  By Wednesday they offered her the job.  Thursday continued, she got the contract. It’s a very good offer, they really want you to feel welcome and appreciated for working there.

Naturally the world couldn’t make things easy and just leave it at that.  While being successful for the above position she got asked to attend an interview in Würzburg the week after.  Being the gifted and intelligent young lady that she is, after the interview, she got asked to hang around and do similar to the above.  They then also offered her the job…

Both offers had their perks and their short comings: salaries were different, other conditions were different, the staff were different, the towns were different etc.  It has been a very hard decision for her.  Now I could ruin the plot by saying a decision has been made, but what’s the fun in that? 

I’m going back to Germany 🙂