That was a bit rough

Poor Ingrid had to have a rough night last night, for sure…
At 4pm KLM, the airbus company, sent out an email informing her that the flight to Amsterdam (which then connects to KL) was cancelled.  4pm being when they shut down for the day.  There was nobody to call.

I was asleep, being 11 hours ahead of Berlin in the hours, while this is taking place.  She couldn’t even contact me.

When I woke up, I was happy, excited and skipped out to greet the day.  While starting breakfast I looked at my phone and that’s when things got a bit shit.  It was around 10pm in Berlin.  Ingrid had decided the only thing she could do was get up at 3am, go to the airport and aim for any of the remaining flights KLM offers to Amsterdam.  I then went to work, while I assume she tried to sleep a very stressful 4 hours.

At midday Australia time she was at the airport and so was almost everybody else, it seems.  In a stroke of genius KLM knew that there’d be people in this turd bucket situation, so they actually had a fairly good amount of people on counters.  By 6am she was on a plane.

Now it’s just a brutal 12 hour wait until she can get the final flight to Malaysia, where I will meet her.  Birds will dance, angels will sing, gods will touch fingers with men from far away and all will be in the past and the world will be a terrific place.

I’ll see how I go with keeping this updated while I’m over there.  Thanks again to Michael for the phone that has this technology thang, making it all possible.


Ok change in plans

We’re going to KL, Malaysia!!

After spending like 4 hours skypeing, comparing airfares and arrival times and also accommodation costs we’ve had to go with Malaysia.  We arrive on the same day, two hours difference.  Unfortunately going home isn’t as well timed but we’ll make the most of what we have.

Really looking forward to it!  The place looks beautiful and the culture is radically different!
Not many gifts though, I’m only taking my backpack, no checked luggage.