An Average Beer in Salzburg

The drive to Salzburg from N├╝rnberg was quite easy, which was nice considering the night we had before… Salzburg was, at first, a complete let down. It looked like an uninspired town that was beginning to fall apart, it was left behind and degrading. While driving through, it made us wonder why we’d decided to visit. Had we got the town name wrong? We parked the car and walked for a bit.
Near the water, all was revealed!
It was beautiful, it was elegant, the sun shone over grandiose architecture and reflected off the water, into our eyes that were wide in disbelief. It’s like a border has been created and passed it was all the money. We were really impressed and quite quickly forgot about our impression upon arrival. Now we wanted to see and taste more.
We across the bridge infront of the castle and looked for somewhere to eat. There was a little alley with a few restaurant doors at the beginning, so we headed that way. As we neared a Beergarden was revealed to us and the decision was final. We had to eat and drink there. This would be the first Austrian Beer in Austria (it’s actually, as far as I can recall, my first Austrian beer). It was a bit of a let down. I don’t know what I was expecting but there wasn’t much flavour at all. It was still relaxing and sitting there, watching the people and enjoying our meal, we were looking forward to the rest that Austria had to offer.
I don’t think we did much else in Salzburg other than soak in the sights and sun for a while. We still had to drive the rest of the way to Vienna!