I’m going to whisky this out

Huge “props” to Tolmie for the lift to the airport and for making things that little bit easier. Huge “props” to the QANTAS crew for letting my guitar travel for free, for having awesomely friendly service on the flight and pretty good food. The films weren’t so great -1 “prop”.

I’m writing this while sitting, safely at Hong Kong airport. I’m at an apparently very popular recharge station because people are doing vulture circles waiting for a free port. Silly people need only walk 20 metres from here and there’s a wall of unused charge ports.

My plan is to charge my phone and then go and make a nuisance of myself at the whisky samples. Hopefully that will get into the right spirit for sleeping on the plane. If you don’t plan, plan to fail!


I may get something to eat but I’ve realised that I may not have a note with my bank saying I’m overseas and so my credit card may be cancelled THE DRAMA!!