Brugge: celebrating airbags

Seriously, they have an airbag festival here.

We caught the train to Brugge and followed the throng most of the way to the centre of the town. Brugge is a very pretty place that must have an economy based on beer. There were several stores and bars boasting of having over 100 beers for sale. Ingrid said that was nothing to be excited about. When we found a store that had over 400 she said that was pretty good. It wasn’t until we got to the place with the wall of beers that claimed to have over 1100 beers that we stopped to try some. I wanted to learn how the Belgian Cheers is said, so I asked the people we were sitting with. They are from Brazil, so they don’t know. This started us talking all things, politics, borders, visas, music, beers and where to get the next drink because our bar had closed.
Eventually we caught the train back to Brüssels.

I should mention that we visited the Chocolate museum and Museum of Fries.
Also, a homeboy was checking his toughness in the reflection of the window while walking this dog.