Lack of battery = lack of posts

Sorry for the lack of communication. Unfortunately we have been unable to find a gadget to connect the power of my laptop to the socket to recharge. I have been avoiding using the laptop as much as possible.

We have had a great time and I’ll be home soon.




When you ask for directions, you shouldn’t get lost

We met safely at the airport. Ingrid had been doing laps apparently. She couldn’t book the shuttle bus because they only book it for when the people traveling are both present.
We got to the hotel and the room doesn’t quite seem as good as we were lead to believe. At least we can sleep.
The view is… well… something. There’s several large buildings in front of us, industrial offices, lots of cranes and if you lean at the right angle, stick your tongue out and start to roll your eyes towards the back of your head, you can see the water.

Anyway, we both slept in. Our stomachs were what got us out of bed. We went for a wander. Got some food. Checked out Chinatown and decided that’s where we’d get all our future food, then started to head home. Caught the right train back. We were looking around for a landmark to know which way was ‘home’. I asked a chap, showed the map and he quite quickly pointed a direction. I confirmed that way he’s pointing is the way we want to go, he said yes. It took us back to Chinatown. Dick. If we wanted to get lost we’d have not asked directions to do so.
Anyway, we’re about to head out now to meet Ingrid’s friend for dinner.
Just know that we are safe.