I’m back. Had my first day of work today. It was ok.
I’ve probably got a few more things to write about concerning the trip, but we’ll see if I get around to it. Currently my emails to reply to are too many hundreds!!

I’m avoiding booze and meat for the rest of the month as best I can.

I cant wait until I get to see all your little faces, with your snotty noses.


Hey, where’s that sleep thing?

It’s early and I want it.

I’m at the airport, boarding starts in 40mins. I got the shuttle bus here, no hassle. Had a nervous wait while the board updated flight details, just like Prague. Everything is fine, just waiting…

Last day

I’m saddened by the thought.

I’m doing the souvenir thing today. I believe I should make the opera (finally) and see Wagner’s Tanhauser. After that Red Fang!

I hope to post before I leave because after tonight I will be silent until Sydney on Saturday night.
Looking forward to seeing you all at some point.
Writing the blog has been fun. I can’t imagine what reading it must be like (unless I think of people excitedly showing their travel photos that bores most others).

So… like… what?

Got the tiniest bit lost on the way to zoo, like an extra 10mins journey, which given my record here and that I had to catch a tram, train and bus, is pretty decent.
Eat a turd Germany, Prague zoo smashed both of yours. With the German zoos, if the animal is too cold to go out, Prague zoo gave you the option of seeing them through glass, in their heated environment. The only downside was I didn’t see the orangutangs of Prague.
Polar bears and hippos, which weren’t at the others, pretty much made it up. They also had more Australian animals, insects and reptiles than the German zoos.
Good job.

I’m writing this now because I believe I’ve been stood up. I was supposed to meet a Brazilian and go to the Cavern of Magic, because my communication options are limited, I waited an hour over the agreed time before just going to the gallery myself. It’s rad, I’ll try to post a link at the bottom of the post. Aside from fantastic art, sculpture and painting, the space is transformed into another world. You’re also offered unlimited mulled wine, sangria and juice – I had six drinks.
Now I’m supposed to meet the Brazilian and this American from last night at happy hour and because the Brazilian was late, I’m late, but they aren’t here. However, my triumphant Berlin friends have turned up.
Let’s see what happens.

Tomorrow’s plan….

Best laid plans and all that…
I’m going to trek it to Prague’s zoo and then go to the Gallery of Magic or Cavern of Magic or whatever. Then I’ll meet this American bloke to go to some themed bars.
Next day I’m hoping to make the opera or some classical music.

What’s this shit I’m reading about Joe Hockey and the age of entitlement? What are you and they up to?

What is this thing?

I arrived in Prague this morning, got a very early, direct train and have been sitting around waiting to check in at, you guessed it, the Czech Inn. Got another excellent room. This thing I’ve not seen in so long has been spreading its light and a touch of warmth across the land. It’s my old nemesis, the sun. It seems to make Europeans happy for some reason.
My last day in Berlin involved going to the Ulter Welten tour, a tour of the underground bomb shelters. Photos weren’t allowed and the paint glows in the dark still, after 70+ years but is toxic to lick.
Then I went to the Topography of Terror and it was the.most horrific and saddening thing I’ve done. I had to actually sit down and skip towards the end because of all the photos and text about the Nazis humiliating and killing Jews, Poles, Slavs and even their own people (if they didn’t agree with things). I’ve obviously read numerous texts on the time and place and happenings, I can recommend The Road to Fascism, having a barrage of photos was just too much for me.
Luckily I moved on from there to the DDR Museum. It was bright and interactive and fun. It was about the lives, technology, culture and goings on of East Germans before the wall came down. Apparently they were and still are fans of public nudity.

My plan now is to chill out until happy hour, then see if some of my newly acquired friends from Berlin rock up.

And just where have you been?

Man… everywhere.
I’ve done a few tours and the guides are that good that I’ve not taken a single photo of the things I’ve seen.
I’ve been on the trains and had buskers play trumpets and sing incorrect lyrics to ‘when the saints go marching in’ (there was a part where he was singing ‘oh I want to be with a woman, when the saints go marching in’ but I don’t think he was even saying saints go marching in, it was odd, but good and I gave a fist full of coins I’ll never use).
Today, for example, some of us – a mishmash posse of different nations, are going to the flea, then the parliament building tour, then, if I can get a ticket with my Danish drinking buddy, it’s the opera or some classical in a real theater, then we’re hitting some bar associated with the hostel for the superbowl. If it’s like every other night so far I’ll be in bed at 6am or so, waking up at 9am to get to all the things for Monday.
I’ve not taken many photos of Berlin and while you could argue that I could always just use a search engine for better photos of the place than I could take, that’s not quite the point or in the spirit of things. That’s likely to be my plan for Monday, I think.

There’s been some odd things happen at the hostel. There was a serious alcoholic lady, I’m talking the bottle of vodka during breakfast kind of alcoholic, not the garden variety that I probably resemble. Turns out she’s stupidly racist, you’ll see what I mean by ‘stupidly’ from this example (because I consider all racism stupid by default). There where a bunch of us having some beers at the kitchen table sorting out our plan for the evening, I went to a shower, wheb I returned apparently some Italian guys had started cooking, this lady arrived and starts going full verbal about how just because they are black follwers of Islam (they aren’t either of those) doesn’t mean they own the kitchen or her or the world. There are six hot plates on the stove and they were using two… None of them were there and the situation had changed when I got back.
Later that night she was violently removed from the hostel, by the police, in handcuffs. Apparently she had a go at this sweet little Brazilian girl for being African etc and the others in the room had asked the hostel to move crazy lady to another room. The hostel has a zero tolerance to racism so actually wanted her to leave she ranted amd threw things, so they called the cops who she then decided to throw punches at. She’s gone now though, thankfully.
I might have to come back with another tale because the above is so exciting so I want some breakfast.