All the things done in May

Finally, I think I’ve caught up on all the things we’ve done in May… well, notable things, that I can scrape to remember.
You can read it beginning here: A tale about an Island

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Highlights include our tour of Wangerooge, seeing many cultural things in Wilhelmshaven, and our roadtrip to Vienna, Austria!



Wedding Saga Complete!

I’ve done it! I’ve finally caught up and written about the entire wedding time (except I didn’t actually write about the wedding, because well… it’s a magical time, with love all around and you had to be there, sorry).
We had guests for 2-ish weeks and we were busy, so I couldn’t write and entertain. The return to work then meant it took even longer to write.
Sorry to all the fans who thought I was single or something like that. Now it’s official. Married. Yep.
There’s even a little boy on the way. Yep. That’s the announcement.

So, you can start here:
Early Visitors

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That was the whole adventure.

I hope you enjoy the read!

Why Would You Watch Wonder Woman?

Sunday saw us at the cinema to watch Wonder Woman in the original language (Germans like to overdub their overseas films, like the Americans do – it ruins the art people! Subtitles or die!!!!).
I was surprised how terrible a film it was. Really.
My friend, who is a comic book fan, could only defend it by saying he liked it and that Wonder Woman is normally a weak, support character that has now improved because they’ve created her in this film.
You see that?
Not one mention of how well the acting is done, the plot, the camera angles, the graphics, the editing, the sound track, not even the action… it’s an action film!! If you don’t come away feeling that the action was good, then, you’ve really eaten rotten celery (which has a low calorie value). Obviously I could keep going into more detail, but I think this paragraph sums up all the weakness of this film, what more can be said?
Oh a highlight!
I thought it was amusing that an American still had to ‘save the day’. Wonder Woman is not American, you see, so she cannot really save the day in an American film, the Americans cannot fist pump and holler at the screen. He saves the day with an unnecessary suicidal sacrifice. Moments before, another character explains how this isn’t required. The bomb on the plain is set to a timer, it will explode, he has to merely get the plane high enough and bail out. Instead he has to use a gun (!!!) to set the bomb off, while he’s in the place. AMURICAH!
I hope I’ve spoiled the film for you. It’s saved you from watching a seriously terrible film.
Half a Wonder Woman Whip of Truth out of Ten.

Weekend without Woman

Ingrid flew to Spain for a conference and to visit her Aunt.
I was left alone.
There wasn’t as great a party as you’d dare to imagine. In fact, I actually wasted more of the time ‘helping others’ than doing any of the things I should have really done.
Haitham, my work colleague, had hurt himself doing the move or cleaning of the old apartment and so I had to do his strong arm activities. This time he delivered on his promise in payment – I got some beers. It was a slack version of work, that’s the way he likes it, make it more about chilling out and occasionally do something. We lifted boxes into the attic, played playstation, built a cabinet, drank beers, cleaned out the basement, sipped cola on the balcony and appreciated the warmer weather. The downside to this method is that it does take a lot of time, time you could be doing anything else. That’s the way it is though.
One of the nights I convinced Stephen to go to a nightclub, well I wanted to watch some bands, but I sent him a bunch of choices because he’d be driving. He chose the nightclub. It opens at 11pm. We were there not long after and it was empty. Around midnight the people started to arrive and by 1am it was pack. I’m impressed with the lateness of the party. I was disappointed because the last hour was terrible music and it inspired me to want to leave. Stephen was almost falling asleep in his chair so he agree. Here’s an interesting fact, I didn’t drink any alcohol that night. Stephen thought he’d be tired and I’d have to drive. He did actually drive home, it was 1:30am, and about halfway home he started to say that maybe we could go back or maybe some other day. Typical Stephen. When we’re somewhere, he wants to leave, when we’re elsewhere he wants to have another crack at it. He’s really concerned about new things and places until pushed.
Oh! On the final night I made him eat at Julischka, a Yugoslavish (Croatian etc) restaurant. He was loath to go there and offered McDonalds and Subway as alternatives. I will never, unless forced to, eat at such an establishment – they are there for emergencies only. So yeah, Julischka, it’s cute, the food is delicious and the portions are huge. I washed it down with a Pilsner. I was only disappointed that I couldn’t get a Pilsner of the region.

An Interesting Thing About Anti-Virus Software

I really hate “auto-renewal” or “opt out” things, particularly when it comes to the Internet.  Naturally they sell the convenience, you can be assured they will charge you when the date comes, you needn’t worry yourself about dates, just make sure you have enough money in your account.

Originally, my laptop was ‘protected’ by Norton.  I didn’t get a choice, by buying and logging into the laptop the software was already there, it was installed and activated.  It was slow but, as far as I knew, it worked, with my computer sluggishly seeming free of major problems.  A year later they had billed me, without warning – merely an email saying thank you for paying for, to my surprise, an upgraded, premium version.  By allowing the computer to do all these things, I had also agreed to a great deal of stuff too.  I complained, had the software removed and the amount refunded.  It was a pain to go through but it is over.  That was around 2 years ago now.

This year I’m with another company, Bitdefender.  They had changed my status to auto-renewal as well.  They, at least, are kind enough to give a months notice that the amount will be deducted.  A thing I discovered though was that when you go to change this status to manual renewal, they offer you a discount.  I took the discount, it was cheaper than their sign on deal.  Just thought that maybe you should know that.