Berlin ist good

I’m here at EastSeven with the best wifi signal of any of the places I’ve stayed at.
Naturally I got lost on my way. The room is cool, not huge but with everything I need. The receptionist guy is quirky but friendly – he called me old school for not booking ahead. There is a free dinner on tonight, making this slightly more social than previous places. I’m looking forward to it.
I’m staying in Berlin until Monday.

Are you having trouble trying to call Nathan? I think my ‘credit’ period on the sim has run out because the signal is constantly dead. Although that’s still not normal… I’m trying to decide if I should get a new sim entirely or if I should ‘recharge’ this one.

I really need to cut my nails. I thought doing them before leaving would be enough. Damn growth!

I think that’s enough for now. You can ask for more information in the comments if you wish. I might post after dinner if something occurs that needs sharing.



Oh my! I forgot Naumburg!

That’s because it sucked.
There is no Nietzsche Haus anymore. There’s a statue where it used to be and all the signs still point there but after doing some big and thorough laps around the block and then asking somebody, I learned the truth.
To make the trip a bit more than getting there, being let down and returning, I went to the museum. The museum sucked. It’s, understandably, in German, but all the stuff there was boring and displayed poorly. They had this frosted glass, with clear sections to ‘highlight’ or bring attention to artifacts or sections of them, but as often as not the frosted part obscured the exhibit. Dumb.
There was little continuity and some of the artifacts were just shit boring. In fact I thought the whole museum was shit boring.
Thank goodness for Monster Magnet and the support band.

I was halfway through the concert

…when the booze began to take hold.
All I can remember is telling people that representative democracy is not the best way for us to exist and that Church of Misery are a support for the gig.
It was a good gig anyway, interesting venue, alright lighting and decent sound. The opening band ripped! Stoner rock in the vein of Sleep and Sabbath but with a death style vocal.
Church of Misery didn’t play.
Monster Magnet played a whole album before doing some classics as an encore. I think the album is their latest, but I wouldn’t rely on my opinion in such a state.
I caught the trams home and decided to go to that Maccas I first ‘visited’, this time knowing that the place wouldn’t offer free for all.

English, Irish, whatever…

After lunch yesterday it was too late and I was too far away to make the museum. Instead I sat in an Irish pub. I started with Guinness and then tried a Murphy’s stout, it was pretty good. I then found beer I’d been looking for: Murphy’s Irish Red! The bar lady corrected me and said that the label lies and it’s actually a Celtic red, but it was delicious either way.
So I sat and drank and read Dawkins’s The Selfish Gene and eventually I had dinner and a few more beers. Then I decided I wasn’t going to talk to anybody so I went home.
Tonight Monster Magnet are playing, I’m looking forward to that. I’m going, without breakfast, to see if I can make Naumburg and I’ll ask about getting to Berlin.

Oh, I feel pretty stupid – I decided to wash my cap in the sink and so I pushed the plug thing in. The plug thing won’t come back up. I’ve got a sink of filthy cap water sitting there, I presume until the end of days.

Days Inn for Dad

Hello Dad, Mum and all you others.
Here is a brief appraisal of my current accommodation, the Days Inn Leipzig. As has been noted the Days Inn is not really close to central Leipzig, one can’t blame the place for that because the researcher should have done a better job researching, so that is not a point I’ll hold against it.
The staff: the lady who works nightshift seems infinitely friendlier than those I’ve dealt with during the day, in their defence, I’ve asked some dumb questions – but if I didn’t I wouldn’t know how things worked. Whoever cleans the room obeys the ‘do not disturb’ sign well. I’ve had it up most days because I’m drying my clothes.
The room: I don’t feel as great as I did with the room I got at the hostel in Prague. It’s a pretty standard motel room and the key doesn’t always work, you have to turn it at just the right speed. I do have a TV, which is fine, but I’m not huge on German soaps nor American soaps over dubbed to German. The wifi has a poor signal and often drops out, hence the kinda sporadic posting.
Breakfast: It’s alright, the bowls, glasses and utensils are all small. The range of food is pretty good – normal hot food stuff, eggs etc, the also have museli with a selection of stuff to top it off,yogurts and canned fruit (I’d kill for real fruit at the moment), they also offer a range of breads to toast and spreads to put on the toast and finally there’s juices, water, coffee and tea.

Oh another thing that irritates me, the air con makes me cough, sometimes an annoying amount. I can be outside, all day and night and return back to start coughing.

I’ll end this on a very positive note, the lunch I had was spectacular! I looked up vegetarian restaurants and it came up. The website is so plain that it made me have to check it out. I had some vege-pattie thing with twice cooked potato with green beans and some kind of lemon/pepper sauce. So good that I didn’t make the museum and you get their website.
I can’t think of what else you’d like to know. The place is good and fine, more so than I’ve painted here.

Too cold to snow

…it certainly isn’t melting from the ground.
Here’s how I celebrated Australia Day: after breakfast, I’ve been having museli with natural yogurt and nutella with a glass of water, I went to the zoo.
I don’t think I can remember the last time I went to a zoo, but if my experience this time is common, then I’m going to go far more often. With a large amount of the animals locked in because of the cold, a quarter of the assumed usual crowd was there. This meant there was virtually no lines or hassle hanging around watching an Irbis eat its meal or spending an extra 10 minutes searching out the snake that doesn’t want to be seen. I wish I’d made some of the talks but my timing was too far off and I presume they were in German. Anywho, I spent 6 hours there. The lions were huge but just wanted to spoon each other, the tigers were far more active, patrolling the pen. I reckon if they had the chance, they’d love to eat one of us while we stand there taking photos – and why not? Hahaha!
Part of the zoo is a giant greenhouse they call Gwondala land, excuse spelling, where it’s a temperate climate similar to that of what the animals who used to live on the mega-continent that saw Africa, South America, Australia and Antarctica joined. They have monkeys just running riot while I got to watch a sloth make its journey to be fed only to fall asleep once it reached the bowl. Stupid, cute, algae growing sloth.
The aquarium and reptile areas where magic, the funniest thing I noticed was that penguins are meant to be outside the aquarium, must have been too cold because the door was open but none of them came out to say hello. I kept wanting to see a turtle bump one of the sleeping alligators, one came so close, it would have been hilarious, instead it swam into one of its pals. For some reason I felt the need to point out the snakes to the kids and parents who couldn’t find them. The one snake that beat me had shed its skin and that was the best I got to see of it.
I spent way too long watching the apes. Gorillas and chimps and orangutangs oh my! The chimps liked to create a huge ruckus, shouting and beat the ground, the gorillas and ‘tangs seemed to think they were very silly. I played peekaboo with an infant ‘tang, who are pretty much my favourite animal I’ve come across. The male of the group is this big ol’ fella whose hair is almost a giant carpet of red dreadlocks. When he lays down he almost disappears as a big red shag matt. The dexterity of the apes is amazing, the carers were throwing carrots and the chimps and ‘tangs would sit on the end of a branch, casually catching them and I mean barely looking, no effort, one handed catches. The throws weren’t easy either.
I didn’t get to see elephants or rhinoceros or other greats like that but it’s only now that I noticed.
So after the zoo I was looking for something to eat and drink and make a night out of Australia Day. I found an English pub and thought ‘why not?’. The closest they had to English beers is Guinness and Killkenny, made me chuckle. The food on offer? Indian. The place was dead, 4 bodies evenly spaced throughout kind of watching soccer. I wanted to leave but I wanted to see what happened. By about 8pm I was the only one left. 4 new people came in a half hour later, 2 groups equally divided. At 10pm I called it a night with no new arrivals, I wished them a ‘Happy Australia Day’ and caught the tram home. I was going to write this last night, but I fell asleep.
Today I plan on going to another museum after I wash some more clothes. So fresh and so clean clean!