.A man set out on the 13th of January 2014, he’s a man, quite similar to other men, who’s daring has taken a D6 roll of chaos and resulted in him arriving in Europe.  He got back, had some left over money & used that as an excuse to avoid purchasing a house for a few months, so he returned to Europe. That then resulted in a romance which took the man around Australia with a most beautiful Colombian girl. They then met up in Malaysia. So the man is quite in love and has returned to Germany to help this most lovely lady move from one side of Germany to another.  They then met up in Singapore.  Now they share space with each other, living in Germany.
This blog attempts to chronicle the potential stupidity that may ensue.  Expect laughter, expect tears, expect weird quotes that have no relevance to much of anything and ramble on and on until you wish you’d never requested that he created such a thing in the first place.

So really, this blog is your fault, not that man, don’t you blame him.

Oh and super big thanks to Michael for the use of the phone, without which none of this would happen. Blame him if you wish.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. In essence of it acquiring a consequential relevance to secondary influence, I need remind you almost everything life changing adventure the potentially stupid human may arrive at, or indeed confront with a little fevered amount of aggression, contrary to overwhelmingly critical pathological rationale that influence of others is greatly the subsequent result of personal action, or be it re-action, the problem still remains that humans still contain the definable nature to choose their own path. So, in short…no, no it’s not our fault! AJ. (Don’t take any guff from these swine!)

  2. Wow, the maroon background makes it very difficult to read navy(?)/black(?) font!!! Hope you warm up Europe while you are there having a good time.

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