A Warning About Pepperoni

The last two days we’ve been enjoying Oldenburg’s Stadtfest. Lots of stages with bands and DJs, both playing a diverse range of music. Friday night I remember getting to a stage that was playing all the tragic classic dance songs that tend to appear at ‘those’ weddings. You remember Venga Boys, that Cotton Eyed Joe song and I would not be surprised if Macarena and Steps’ 5,6,7,8 were played if my profuse regurgitation had not slide me away explosively. Sometimes one must go with the gut (I didn’t actually throw up, I just thought it really showed my point). There was also a Heavy Metal stage.
Back to the subject!
We had indulged in enough stall food that Pizza Hut appealed to us for dinner. When you think you can beat the house by ordering a ‘make your own pizza’, make sure you remember that Pepperoni in Germany means a green chilli that is usually pickled with vinegar. It’s not overly hot or spicy but is significantly more boring than the cured meat Pepperoni.


Have Bar: Will Chin Up

Now we’re well and truly passed my birthday month, I can tell you about the special day.

Ingrid made it more of a special week hahaha! After her shift at work we went to Oldenburg for all you can eat PizzaHut, a bit of a tradition for myself. I’ve never been to Germany’s All You Can Eat and a secret part of me hoped (given my experiences of the availability of beer in places like McDonalds) that they would have the drink section too and that it would include beer. Unfortunately readers, I must confirm that you must order all drinks. They don’t have a salad bar either. 6 Pizza options and 2 kinds of pasta with 2 pasta sauces. The pizzas are all thick crust, which is a bit of a disappointment, one can fit in more pieces if the crust is thin. We both cheated and left most of the crust. I had my first beer in quite some time and it was delicious and refreshing. The end of the beer was ruined by a suicidal fly that drowned itself.

There was a bit of a hurried sense about Ingrid after lunch. She needed to get me home. I’ve been raised watching the highest pedigree of detective/crime shows (mostly in small English towns, which is a worry) and it took me mere moments to conclude there was supposed to be a surprise. It was very nice. Pretty much everybody I’ve met was invited: my band, work colleagues, some class friends. We ate cake, drank beer, we tried to talk German but mostly returned to English. It was very nice.

I received some very nice clothes, shirts and jeans. I also got a bottle of whisky. My parents I can thank for the chin up bar I now own and use regularly (it also means I can avoid the gym and gym fees). The best presents are for last: 2 tickets to see a favourite Swedish Death Metal band, a box of craft beers and a thick wad of German books for children, including Brothers Grimm classics, which I’ve discovered are written in such old German that sometimes even Ingrid doesn’t understand.

Thanks to all for the messages, cards, presents and love!

Siedler Fest: The One We Walked Away

We were totally underwhelmed. It seemed like the tiny town Voslapp didn’t even want to go to their own fest. It’s possible we picked the wrong day to attend but it was so spectacularly boring we dared not risk returning on another day. We are young, we have wind in our hair and all that kind of thing.
One stage, boring band. All the stalls had closed by 7pm. One carnival ride where the seats were all wet.

Berlin Revisited: Birthday

You might think “not again” but the trip is for a fairly jolly reason: a young lady’s birthday is always joyful. Except, of course, if the birthday is moved to another day due to bad weather, when you cannot be there, and you’re already pulling into a parking space with your car after the long drive. That’s what happened to us.
It wasn’t all bad, in fact, it was still a pretty good time. We took the birthday girl and her parents out to a park. I taught them, as well as Gaby and Julian, how to play Cricket. It was a street bastard version, LBW is a tough concept to teach to people who don’t understand how to bowl properly. We had several spectators, all old men (for some reason). We then went and played with all the park equipment, digging in the sand and all that kind of stuff kids love to do… big kids too.
The fun fact was that the whole day, the originally planned birthday party day, never rained. I believe the day that the party was moved to was also safe. It happens.

The winners of Cricket were the rosy red cheeks on the faces of those who played because they haven’t run in a long time. Also the girls never helped the boys with fielding but the boys helped the girls. Their hearts are tainted by the evil one, obviously.

Our International Food Night

It was a fun idea, we have a few different countries of origin under our belt with Australia, Colombia, Germany, Korean and Syria being represented. Each person brings something for us to eat, we talk, maybe play a board game and the night goes on.

I cooked a curry and with the help of Ingrid we made a slice. This slice was a mash of influences and ingredients. Simple to make though. The end result is similar to a Caramel Slice. Delicious.
In Colombia they have a caramel that’s made from milk called Arequipe, you can look up how to make it if you choose. At the Polish/Russian grocery store they sell tins of the stuff. We bought one, as well as a packet of plain biscuits (a cross between Arnott’s Arrowroot or Milk Coffee varieties). At a regular German supermarket we bought a jar of Nutella and butter. That’s all one needs!
You smash the biscuits, blend them into little bits. Melt some butter. I guess you want three quarters as many grams of butter to the amount of biscuits you’re using, so if you’re using 100 grams biscuits, then 75 grams of butter. You mix those two together and put that mixture into a tin. Put the tin in an oven heated to 180 degrees C for roughly 20-30 minutes (I recommend checking after 20 minutes). We poured the Arequipe over the top of the biscuit mixture and then spread the Nutella on top of the Arequipe. Place the tin in the freezer and wait for as long as you can.

Ingrid cooked a Colombian tomato sauce for dipping. We cut carrots, capsicum and bread for dipping into the dips. We also bought Bärlauch, which tastes like a garlic dip.

Our Korean/German friend brought ‘Western Fries’ after promising Southern Fries and before that he promised Korean Food… hahaha

Our Syrian friends made Falafel and Fatteh.

It was all delicious and super filling. We ate so much that there was no time to play any games. We can assume that I probably would have won.