Films and Football (of the soccer type)

Cine-K, a small creative group that have a passion for film, were celebrating the end of their season. We thought we’d add our refreshing, international faces to all of their group photos. To lend some credibility, you know. Yes, I did photobomb a few photos. No idea where they’ll be posted, if at all. ENOUGH!
The celebration started with a short speech about the aims of the place, how people can be more active in their support and things like that. They then played several short films. Some were in English, without sub-titles, there was a Dutch film, with German sub-titles (it was one of the standout films actually), some German films and the rest didn’t really have any important spoken content. One film appeared to be a music video, for example. There wasn’t a theme connecting the films, other than the choosers enjoyed them. It was fun either way. One guy had to apologise for laughing so much at one film, which set everybody else off into fits of laughter.
Afterwards there were supposed to be DJs playing, however, the first person to play music played nothing interesting for us in the first 10-20 minutes, so we left to eat some dinner.
Our dinner was at a Persian Kebab store. Yes it’s kebabs, like the ones you get from those places at 3am after a night drinking. This place uses some pretty special herbs and spices and even cooking techniques that makes it special.
If you’re ever interested:

I was recruited to play some Football/Soccer on Sunday. Both of my brothers have recently had injuries from playing indoor soccer. I was a little wary of this. I’m not as young as I used to be… nor as young as some of the blokes I was playing against. I don’t find it necessary to prove myself to them, I just played as I wanted and that was good enough for me.
Ingrid watched and really enjoyed it. Colombian favourite sport you know. Bonus points for me: I scored at least 6 goals in the 2 hours that we played for.
There was only 10 of us, so we played 5 v 5 and changed the teams a few times, to mix it up and keep it interesting. The 10 of us were from all over the world, I think there was only one actual German guy there. I was, of course, the only Australian. There were some from the Middle East, Africa and the Asian area.
I cannot talk for the losers, but I enjoyed myself.
The next day I was a little sore… naturally.


Münster: Buy Our Junk

Earlier in the weekend we were asked by Stephen if we’d like to go to his favourite German City: Münster. He said there’s a great big flea market and everybody will be selling everything.
We’ve got stuff to sell, so we’d thought we’d lighten our burden upon some of the more worthy treasure hunters.
Friday came and went. I spoiled Ingrid to a dinner at Julischka’s, the newly developed favourite restaurant, we were full of meat and went to bed early.
Saturday had us rising early too. Convenient, because it’s about 2 hours driving to Münster. Traffic can be a cruel mistress at the best of times; this time she had conspired against us in the dirtiest of ways. With only about 60kms left to drive an announcement on the Radio explained that there was trouble on the very Autobahn we were driving, however, we had to wait for a more detailed update. Very quickly after (we were driving on the Autobahn, probably at a cruising speed of 150km/hr), there were flashing lights and signs saying that there was indeed a traffic issue coming and that it is advised to take the exit onto the Highway 64. I started to keep my eyes peeled. We passed the exit to 68. Should we have taken that exit? No 68 does not equal 64.
Apparently this time it did. Within a kilometer from this exit was the parking lot of traffic. We were being funneled from 3 lanes to 1 lane and off the Autobahn. Then came the radio announcement. It’s expected to drain up to an hour from your precious life. Google also advised this… now. No option of going back. We had to sit and crawl and deal with all those brainless people who try to get those few inches ahead of all the others by cutting in and out of lanes, using the shoulder, anything they can imagine that will get them one car ahead – ignoring the fact that we’re all suffering this together.
We got to Münster after something like 4-5 hours on the road. We were granted a little luck by getting an “OK” park nearish to the flea market.
We set up. Stephen went and did whatever it is he likes to do, he wasn’t obligated to help, so he didn’t. Ingrid and I took turns so we could use the toilet and get food and all those fun things that sellers do.
I found it very interesting to watch people decide that a pair of shoes for 3€ should be brand new condition. That a handbag that we had originally for 3€ and then said 1€ was ok, was still not cheap enough. They look at you like you’re really robbing them. We didn’t sell all of our stuff, but we sold enough to make us think that if there’s a local one in future, we’ll give it another go. I’ll also look into printing some of my art to sell. Although I very much doubt the logic of people in such a situation. I think we should bake cupcakes and coffee, that’d go well. People love food.

Weekend without Woman

Ingrid flew to Spain for a conference and to visit her Aunt.
I was left alone.
There wasn’t as great a party as you’d dare to imagine. In fact, I actually wasted more of the time ‘helping others’ than doing any of the things I should have really done.
Haitham, my work colleague, had hurt himself doing the move or cleaning of the old apartment and so I had to do his strong arm activities. This time he delivered on his promise in payment – I got some beers. It was a slack version of work, that’s the way he likes it, make it more about chilling out and occasionally do something. We lifted boxes into the attic, played playstation, built a cabinet, drank beers, cleaned out the basement, sipped cola on the balcony and appreciated the warmer weather. The downside to this method is that it does take a lot of time, time you could be doing anything else. That’s the way it is though.
One of the nights I convinced Stephen to go to a nightclub, well I wanted to watch some bands, but I sent him a bunch of choices because he’d be driving. He chose the nightclub. It opens at 11pm. We were there not long after and it was empty. Around midnight the people started to arrive and by 1am it was pack. I’m impressed with the lateness of the party. I was disappointed because the last hour was terrible music and it inspired me to want to leave. Stephen was almost falling asleep in his chair so he agree. Here’s an interesting fact, I didn’t drink any alcohol that night. Stephen thought he’d be tired and I’d have to drive. He did actually drive home, it was 1:30am, and about halfway home he started to say that maybe we could go back or maybe some other day. Typical Stephen. When we’re somewhere, he wants to leave, when we’re elsewhere he wants to have another crack at it. He’s really concerned about new things and places until pushed.
Oh! On the final night I made him eat at Julischka, a Yugoslavish (Croatian etc) restaurant. He was loath to go there and offered McDonalds and Subway as alternatives. I will never, unless forced to, eat at such an establishment – they are there for emergencies only. So yeah, Julischka, it’s cute, the food is delicious and the portions are huge. I washed it down with a Pilsner. I was only disappointed that I couldn’t get a Pilsner of the region.

Pfingsten: A Religious Windmill Holiday

50 days after we get the pleasure of eating chocolate eggs and drinking Easter beer, there’s another religious holiday, only I have never heard of it before. Pfingsten, or as it is known in England as Whitsunday/monday or in the USA as Pentecost, delivers a day of rest to contemplate Windmills in Germany. Ok, not really, but that is actually a thing here. On this holiday in Germany, many of the old grain, water or whatever other kinds of windmills that exist, are activated and visited and appreciated for all that they gave us back in ye old times.
What did we do?
We drove passed our local one. It was only a small gathering there, so we kept driving until we reached Bad Zwischenahn. This region is full of rich, old people, great looking hospitals and the very important Windmills. It also has a great big lake.
We visited 2 Windmills in BZ. The first one had made a little party out of the area with Bratwurst tents, Biers flowing, chips and fries being offered as well as some entertainment for the kids. We ate a vegetarian pita bread sandwich thingy that was available from another tent and it was delicious. This lead us to relaxing in front of a large Windmill with red sails that hypnotised us into laying around for a while.
The second Windmill was much closer to the water but, for some unknown reason, wasn’t as populated. I think it was because everybody was out on the water or in the cafe watching everybody on the water. It was quite nice, there were chairs provided and I mean like the plastic BBQ table chairs you have at every family BBQ event. People can just pick up a chair or two, pick a space near the water and sit their life away.
Nearby was a Handcraft market that we strolled through and ended up buying a gift from there for a friend of ours who has just had her 2nd marriage. Ok, not really. The first time was like a civil/paperwork wedding and this second one was the real ceremony, big deal wedding. Same people getting married at both.
We returned home but our thoughts could never leave how life would be without those graceful wings floating through the air, making bread or steam or the Amish.