Dis Time in Düsseldorf

We’ve been busy the last few days preparing for our trip back to Germany. We’re going to visit Tolmie in Düsseldorf before doing the tour of friendship.
 Today saw us go to Sydney for the Sydney Film Festival and to buy presents for those we didn’t already have something to give. The film we saw was a documentary called “lots of kids, a monkey and a castle”. It was a hilarious Spanish film about a family who’s Matriarch had 3 wishes when she was married: the title are the wishes. All these wishes came true. The documentary only briefly mentioned the monkey, showing a photo.
We then discovered that Paddy’s Markets in Sydney is only opened from Wednesday to Sunday. Not at all how I remember it. We also discovered that the Vietnamese Café and Bakery behind Sydney’s Central Station stirs the condensed milk into their coffee, which led Ingrid to saying that it was the worst coffee she’d ever had. We’ve been on the hunt for Vietnamese Coffee for some time, this was quite a let down.
How would you end your day? That’s a waste of time. We modified some cardboard boxes to attempt to send an artwork that’s made of glass overseas, like normal people do.
I’ll see if I get to write about the rest of our Hobbit slaying trip before Thursday or while we’re in Germany.


Busy Day, Off to NZ Way!

I’ve not been posting often anyway, but you’ll get a few new ones about our trip to New Zealand. We’re leaving today. Updates next week.

If you’ve got any recommendations for things to do, places to see (metal gigs that are happening), please write!

Pre-Pick Up Chaos

The family lands in less than 24 hours. I have been taking all the appropriate steps to be ready for their arrival.

That, of course, means that things have to go wrong.
Car wouldn’t start this morning. It’s got the baby seat in it. I believe I’ve got that sorted now. Had the NRMA come around, the guy was very nice. My car is now plugged into the wall, hoping the battery will be alive tomorrow.
There’s a parcel to be picked up from the Post Office. Naturally, every time I’m getting there, they are already closed… I’m just too slow.

Still, I cannot be more excited about the family landing.
We can suffer the heat together.

Colleagues’ New Baby

The guy who owes me a Moving House Pizza, Haitham, and his wife have just announced the arrival of their first baby. It’s a girl. We knew that though. Apparently it was a quick birth. The boss was notified that they were on their way to the hospital at 07:30am and before lunch we all knew she was out.
I’m sure you all send your best wishes to the family, just as we did.
That starts a major Babyfest. AJ and his wife are expecting soon, Ingrid’s friend Natalie and her husband’s child should come soon after, another one of Ingrid’s friends is next and then I think it’s our turn. 3-4 months of newborns.