Pre-Pick Up Chaos

The family lands in less than 24 hours. I have been taking all the appropriate steps to be ready for their arrival.

That, of course, means that things have to go wrong.
Car wouldn’t start this morning. It’s got the baby seat in it. I believe I’ve got that sorted now. Had the NRMA come around, the guy was very nice. My car is now plugged into the wall, hoping the battery will be alive tomorrow.
There’s a parcel to be picked up from the Post Office. Naturally, every time I’m getting there, they are already closed… I’m just too slow.

Still, I cannot be more excited about the family landing.
We can suffer the heat together.


Heading Back Home

That’s it. For now. I begin my journey home.
My family come after me a month after I leave.

Danke schön Deutschland, hatte ich Spaß gehabt.

Colleagues’ New Baby

The guy who owes me a Moving House Pizza, Haitham, and his wife have just announced the arrival of their first baby. It’s a girl. We knew that though. Apparently it was a quick birth. The boss was notified that they were on their way to the hospital at 07:30am and before lunch we all knew she was out.
I’m sure you all send your best wishes to the family, just as we did.
That starts a major Babyfest. AJ and his wife are expecting soon, Ingrid’s friend Natalie and her husband’s child should come soon after, another one of Ingrid’s friends is next and then I think it’s our turn. 3-4 months of newborns.

Before Paris

I have some time so I’ll write about our last few days since we discovered our weekend holiday. It’s been intense searching for things to do and the cheapest way to do them as well as packing and then organising the apartment before we leave. It’s done and we can relax, except for the excitement that WE’RE GOING TO PARIS!
I believe the plan features Crêpes everyday at different Creperies around the city. We have already checked out restaurants for dinner (breakfast is free at the hotel), giving us an approximate budget. We have the money. We have booked a hop on and off bus and we have figured out which Metro stations we need and what tickets are the best value. I’m hoping to see the band Rosetta, who happens to be playing in Paris on Friday for only €10! Saturday there’s a surprise for me, I’m told, and maybe we then go dancing.
Just before we left we had dinner, a delightful and delicious dinner, with my Football pal and German classmate who comes from Syria. Super food! Super full! We brought dessert, a Colombian caramel called Arequipe to have with figs and also a bottle of Colombian soft drink. It kind of tasted like Creaming Soda, which nobody has heard of, is that an Australian thing?
Now we’re going. Hopefully I’ll write more soon!

Cheap Travellers

Well… if you read this blog as soon as it publishes you’d know that something went wrong and the post was blank.
The weather is still miserable but we’ve managed to escape. We’re so good at what we do that we are going to Paris for less than €300 all up! Travel and accommodation. Tough to beat!
Now we’re researching places to go and things to see. I’m hoping for something Baudelaire and Rimbaud related.