Heading back home

In 10ish hours I’ll be back in Sydney. Ingrid has her presents, I got some sweet ones too. I don’t think either of us can wait for the next adventure.

Our taxi driver was pretty funny, very talkative, he kind of distracted us… Kind of…


Terima Kasih

I remembered to try to say ‘thank you’ in Malaysian today. The guy smiled, it was after we bought a frozen coconut drink mixed with Milo – speaking of which it’s huge here! Everywhere there’s ads for it & every shop sells it.

That monkey tried to steal my bag

Batu caves… We caught the free blue bus in hopes of connecting with the free red bus to get to the train station that would eventually get us to the caves. Due to some political or similar event this did not quite go as planned, the red bus route was blocked. A policeman informed us to take a cab.
The train out cost 2myr each, which is less than a dollar Australian, for the 15-20min trip. The scenery changes quickly.
There are giant statues and several temples all dedicated to Hindu gods. Some of the carvings are amazingly intricate, some quite odd – there was one that’s a cow & half lady, the head of the lady has her hair shaped into devil horns, her breasts exposed & painted red, her udder is black.
At the base of the huge staircase is a very large Buddha, all gold and impressive. There’s like well over 200 stairs up to the cave, the internet would give a more accurate number. Many people had to rest on the way up, Ingrid also, it’s a convenient reason to take a photo of the view.
The caves themselves are a mess, I think we were both a little disappointed. All of it is stained by the things they burn up there, so much litter, but not just bottles and food packets, there were things like broken chairs… The cave isn’t deep, you’re in and out quickly, there is a ‘dark cave’, you have to pay to go and there was a long wait. That was when a monkey tried to steal our bag, or at least rummage through it. She was unsuccessful.
We took another train back, nobody knew if it was the right train hahaha

Feeka & the Twin Towers

It was 8am and the humidity had already declared itself in a reasonable way. We were told by Chantelle to look for this place for breakfast, Ingrid remembered it as Titto’s or similar. Naturally we disagreed on which street it was down. We didn’t notice it in either of the streets, but I swear I had the right street. Feeka was there, tucked away, but very welcome to our lost wandering and empty stomachs. After deciding on what to eat, we were informed that the kitchen doesn’t open for another hour.
I ordered drinks anyway, something in the belly.
After talking for a bit Ingrid remembered that we should be eating quiche! She went and ordered.
Our drinks arrived, they were incorrect but we didn’t care so much. Both the drinks and quiche were pretty good, I suppose I’ll confess that I actually drank a whole cup of coffee, I don’t think that means you win because I’d also already resigned myself to pretty much having to eat fish.

We went and looked at going in the KL tower, 105 myr told us not to. So we went to the Twin Towers, but we freaking out because of the time and all the warnings about getting tickets early. There was no queue! We figured that sunset would be the best time, man it totally was!
What a view!
To kill time before that we spent money on hookers and blow in Chinatown and by that I mean I bought a shirt and Ingrid looked at shoes.
KL is amazing at night, so many lights, the view from the tower does such a good job of showing the city off. Sydney has to lift its game massively. In fact all Australia does. So much solar panels as well

Hello KL

We’re here!
My flight was held up in the air because of weather. Ingrid was waiting. Fortunately for her, her flight was almost empty due to that cancellation, shr got 3 seats to sleep on, so caught up her missed sleep.
I only had $5 on me on the flight, that was enough for peanuts and a bottle of water in myr.
We got to the apartment, met the apartment owner, she shouted us dinner. After the meal she took us around KL to show us some sights and where bus stops are as well as good food and drinking places.
Pretty much the best host you could ever have! Thanks Chantelle!