Adios Barcelona!

And well… That’s pretty much it….

We got up early, packed, showered and checked out. Some cafes weren’t open for desayuno, but we picked a nice one. There was some slight concern with getting a train to the airport, the train lady didn’t care to answer our questions with any interest, but we made it, made the flight, I drew on the plane.
Now I have to look to get some souvenirs for scabby relatives and pals etc. Barcelona was way too expensive for souvenirs. The plan is to the have a nice dinner and get up at 5am for the flight home. Yeah… An all nighter is kind of on the cards.
Oh! We had African food for lunch. It was deece. Nice use of spices and sweets in the rice and sweet potato.

Also… 50th blog post!


Go Irish in Spain

We hit the beach, after navigating some rocks just before the water, there was swimming, there was an absence of waves, it was nice. While still on the beach we ate some yogurt and fruit for breakfast, then returned to our hostel to change for the mountains walk.
We got lost…
Still, we ended up at the top of the mountain, just not the spot Ingrid had in mind. The view was fantastic, but a little sad – there’s so much pollution and everybody lives on top of one another. No wonder it’s warm and humid.
The search for lunch eventually took place. There was a miscommunication, Ingrid thought I was trying to take her to Barcelona’s Govindas restaurant and I thought because of how much she had talked about it, that she wanted sushi. Ingrid left the hostel map at home, or I did… Hahaha, so… Neither of us knew where the other was trying to take both of us and yeah, we both asked each other clarifying questions, just not the right ones.
We settled for some normal Spanish place, the meal was comparatively cheap, we were both hungry after, so we backed up to an Irish pub. If you’re ever in Barcelona and wanna get drunk, this Irish pub is the place! They had €1 beers (not good ones, of course) and 5 tequila, sambucca or jager shots for €10, ie €2 each! We only ate chicken wings and deep fried mozzarella sticks, which finished food for us for the day.
Our next walk took us to Porto Vella to watch the sunset. We also watched these street vendors get passed some police with their huge bag o swag.

I thought he was crazy but he’s kind of a genius

Had an awkward day getting to Dali’s museum, cos of conflicting information on where it is and how one gets there (exactly how one gets there was the problem – we basically knew the deal). The sun was pretty brutal, big thanks to the shadow god Henriss for some much appreciated relief, virgin sacrifices well earned.
The town, for those searching it out, is Figueres, it’s on the train line R11, passed Girona.
The museum is huge! Like half the town is dwarfed by this building. It’s covered in bread-like rock climbing holds which are very tempting to use, also statues of priests and nuns holding bagettes (excuse spelling) above their heads, and man-sized, around 6ft tall eggs all adorn the perimeter of the roof. After getting in, we decided to do a Dali and defy convention by going where-ever in there instead of the suggested route, marked with numbers.
After one work, where it’s a painting of Dali’s wife from behind, that if you de-focus yourself becomes a portrait of Abe Lincoln, Ingrid exclaimed that many of the works make Dali appear perverse and mad, when in many others, he’s a genius.
His rock nudes were astounding!
The rest of the night we spent looking for something or other, went to Makamaka for burgers near the beach, pretty good, but I don’t know why anybody would tip a service person in Barcelona, they really act like you are a burden to serve.
Mountain views and beaches tomorrow.

Beer? Cerveza!!

We got this great place called Hostal Nuevo Colón. It was a bit stressful up until then, we talked to the old place, got a minor refund – part of my money is apparently with the travel agent, then we looked for another place, found a cheap one, walked in the hot Spanish sun for about a half hour, got there. The lady refused to give us the room at the internet price. Ingrid started to panic about where we’d stay, but I was cool man, cool. Hahaha, I knew that one way or the other we could sleep anywhere, even if only 1 night and it was still early in the day. We tried to show the lady the internet price but her wifi didn’t work and for obvious reason she didn’t wanna help us out.
We bailed.
I knew Maccas would hook us up with crappy wifi, I assumed they’d also give us power for the phone… 1 outta 2. Hahaha! Phone started to die but we found here.
We caught up sleep, then went out for tapas and cheap drinks. This put us in the mood for dancing. We got lost. Found a rad wine bar instead, bought 2 roses for the pretty lady had a vino rojo and now we’re bedding it up for Dali tomorrow!

It’s warm with a chance of heat

We got into Barcelona around 11pm desperate for food, maccas was almost an option. We did find a Spanish restaurant, it’s twice the price of Berlin, but I’ve had my first official paella (vegetarian cos I roll like that sometimes), it was very salty.
Saw a very pretty Spanish girl and to keep balance, an unattractive cross gender prostitute.
It was like 21 degrees when we got off the plane. A nice change from the German offering.
Some of the hostel peeps are fairly inconsiderate, shining torches into faces while searching for whatever and making a big racket. If we’d dropp off our stuff and got back at some ungodly hour we probably would have avoided such things… Neither of us slept well anyway. We’re thinking of going for a refund and hitting a hotel instead. There maybe blood hahaha
Today’s plan is to find out about getting to the Dali museum for tomorrow, then attacking the beach and cruising the town avoiding the hookers hahaha
My beard is still a source of amazement to many, Ingrid is keeping count of how many ppl touch or comment on it.

Incredibly Close

My prediction, or plan, in March was slightly off.

The travel plan this time is looking like this:
Leave Sydney (after several beers at work) – 9:50pm, Friday, 26th Sept
Arrive Berlin (after several whatevers on the plane) – 4:25pm, Sunday

Arrive Munich (after several Berlins) – 1:50pm, Friday

Arrive Barcelona (after several steins, a birthday party & pretzels) – 10:35pm, Monday

Leave Berlin (después de mucho español) – 8:20am, Saturday
Arrive Sydney (after wishing to go to back to Europe) – 6:50pm, Sunday

I’m also looking at taking part in “Inktober”, which begins while I’m overseas.  I won’t say that I’ll post pictures up here, because I failed to last time, but on my art page there’ll be some, eventually.
Here’s a picture to remember me by…  adios!

Poor Europe will cop this

Poor Europe will cop this