The strange fractions of Germany

I feel compelled to let the public know that, for some reason  (with potential insidious connotations), Germany doesn’t use regular, rounded fractions for a great many things. On our drive back from Berlin, we were in a convenience store and there was a can of beer, a little taller than the rest. I assumed that it would be a 5, 10, 15 or maybe even a 20% increase to the volume above a regular can, although 20% seemed too much – however, for this tale, it illustrates my point. Those numbers seem normal, right? The beer can boasts an exciting 13.5% extra amber deliciousness. That is odd but not nearly the strangest deal I’ve seen. I’ve seen sales with prices reduced by 11%. Items with great mark downs of 36%. The strangest discount belongs to one super market that had meat with 8.2% off! 8.2%!!!


You practise German

When it’s the only common language you have. Two of Ingrid’s friends only speak Spanish and German. I had to stop my Spanish to focus on German, so there you go. It’s pretty funny and we’re lucky there’s also someone around to translate if we’re in deep trouble but for most situations our communication worked well.
Our weekend saw us stay with some friends who have a 3 year old daughter. As a present I gave them a portrait I’d drawn of her, Ingrid bought a frame, one of the few portraits I’ve successfully drawn that represents the person and hasn’t distorted them into a Disney Monster. There were other presents, but I  don’t want you getting jealous.
Friday we did the Embassy thing and that night I believe we played one of the board games we brought after the little one was fast asleep. I must confess that it took a collaborative effort to deliver unto me a savage defeat. I was close to victory, but beaten.
Saturday we met with a friend for breakfast, the restaurant had very nice Lemonade and the service was great by German standards. We sat in a park and I read this book AJ bought for Ingrid to her, it’s called Jasper Jones and has been quite entertaining. After that we had dinner with our host friends and some of their friends. The food and service here wasn’t really worth writing about, so I won’t.
Sunday had me cooking breakfast for everyone. I made poached eggs with a tomato and mushroom sauce and also made baked eggs, both were new for all but Ingrid, who is my number one fan, taste tester, guinea pig and on Sunday, my great and beautiful assistant. The poor girl was stuck cutting onions and garlic, I’m sure her fingers still smell!

Long live the Lizard People!

We’re in Berlin, I just voted. Enjoy your say.

We also asked about getting some other forms, the blunt answer: online. I know this, however I thought that since I’m here, you’re here and the computer with Internet and printer is also here, maybe we could resolve some things in the one visit. No.

It’s around 4 hours drive to Berlin.

Great Games that have made us Great People

Argh!  It’s happened again, only this time it was when I was trying to copy some text from one paragraph to paste into an earlier paragraph to improve your experience… all the text is gone.  Sometimes smart phones are much more of a pain than their pseudo intelligence, or our silly reliance on them warrants.  Apologies for the social commentary, but this is my blog.

I think it went something like…

We have become somewhat addicted to buying board games at vastly reduced prices.  This most commonly happens at flea markets, which in Germany appears to be more of a garage sale in a town.  All the people put their unwanted stuff on tables in their front yard, some stalls with baked goods set up down the street and maybe even a few rides or games of chance appear.

I have enslaved this town with my gaming ability.  Even though all the games we’ve bought have the instructions in German, which I am slowly working towards understanding and I’m on foreign soil and I play with my eyes closed – even though all those things, I have managed to dominate and enslave an entire populace.  My skills are only matched by my absurd bragging, which is purely for entertainment value.

The games we have collected, for an average price of €3 each, and that I have not lost reads as follows:

Der Verruckt Labyrinth
Machi Koro
Thurn und Taxis
Zombie Fluxx

I would recommend any of them, of course I would, I’m the winner!  Most of them use the lateral parts of the brain, it has your scratching your head and insulting your opponent, great fun!  Perhaps if you write in the comments for more information on a particular game, I will provide it, then you can decide if you’d like to purchase it yourself.  Maybe, when I return, we can duel.

This post has far more bragging and silliness than the one I lost.  I feel it’s a shame, the previous one was a brilliant piece, this a mere shadow.  *shrugs shoulders and looks to the horizon as the breeze plays, softly with my hair*

I took too long…

I was writing a great tale of the weekend past: the Horror films we watched, the food we ate, the board games we played, our visit to the beautiful town Groningen in Netherlands; but I must have taken too much time because the draft has been saved with merely the title. Sorry dear reader. It is all gone. A whisper of a memory in the mind of an old man to be.