Dis Time in Düsseldorf

We’ve been busy the last few days preparing for our trip back to Germany. We’re going to visit Tolmie in Düsseldorf before doing the tour of friendship.
 Today saw us go to Sydney for the Sydney Film Festival and to buy presents for those we didn’t already have something to give. The film we saw was a documentary called “lots of kids, a monkey and a castle”. It was a hilarious Spanish film about a family who’s Matriarch had 3 wishes when she was married: the title are the wishes. All these wishes came true. The documentary only briefly mentioned the monkey, showing a photo.
We then discovered that Paddy’s Markets in Sydney is only opened from Wednesday to Sunday. Not at all how I remember it. We also discovered that the Vietnamese Café and Bakery behind Sydney’s Central Station stirs the condensed milk into their coffee, which led Ingrid to saying that it was the worst coffee she’d ever had. We’ve been on the hunt for Vietnamese Coffee for some time, this was quite a let down.
How would you end your day? That’s a waste of time. We modified some cardboard boxes to attempt to send an artwork that’s made of glass overseas, like normal people do.
I’ll see if I get to write about the rest of our Hobbit slaying trip before Thursday or while we’re in Germany.


Busy Beach Day

We’re settling in, not settled in. Not yet. Give us a chance.

The humid warm nights are making it hard for the little one to sleep. It’s understandable, we’re also having a hard time. Sunday morning and we had work to do, even with the sleep deprived brain (or broken as it may be, I think we were in and around the bed for a fairly regular amount of hours), I put on the coffee, scrambled some eggs and started with the house things.
Unfortunately, I’ve now learned, double sided tape, even when teamed up with regular tap on the other side, will not hold a fly screen to a window. The tape remained but the fly screen was on the ground. The wind may have been too strong, but that’s how it goes. I then had to remove the redundant tape.
The next major task was to sort out some fabric until it would be useful as a rug for the back bedroom. We’ve sewed in some metal bars to weigh it down when vacuuming. Genius! I know! Sewing takes time.

By now, you must be thinking, the headline says something about Beach something something.

After all the fun of the house tasks, we got into the car and headed for Cronulla. The timing was perfect, it wasn’t too hot, most of the crowds had gone home, getting a park was easy and relaxing on the beach was very nice.
Mateo got to put his feet and hands into the sand. We then were guarding him from putting said sand covered hands into his eyes. Lesson learned.
I washed his feet off in the waves. He did not enjoy it. I guess the water was cold and it’s a bit of a shock. He quickly recovered though and was patient with us as we showered him to get rid of the rest of the mess. Such a good boy.
On the way home we experienced our first “Krush” from KFC. Pretty good. The cookies and cream flavour is probably the better out of the bunch. Don’t touch the mint flavour.

Pappa Rich in Parramatta

Sorry for the lack of inclusive and immersive storytelling, we’ve been moving house, cleaning said house and all those kinds of fun things. We still don’t have internet connected…

Everything is going well. Mateo seems to be sleeping well, or at least, I’m sleeping well enough that I am not aware of him waking up often. Ingrid enjoys the sun.   There’s parks nearby and I walk to work.

The other day we decided to check out some restaurants. Pappa Rich is a Malaysian restaurant in Parramatta, that’s surrounded by all the other ‘ritzy’ restaurants of the Westfield. I don’t know why it stood out amongst the others but we entered and were taken to a table.
The ordering system is a bit different. I don’t remember ever ordering this way in Malaysia either. Maybe it’s just the way the owner wants it to be and who are we to criticise it. It does work. It’s kind of like a dumpling restaurant system, you write numbers of the food you’d like and how many serves. You then push a button and pass that to the waitperson.
Food arrives.
Malaysian food here was kind of similar to Malaysian food in Malaysia, a mixture of the Asias with an Indian twist. The prices were totally Australian though…
Ingrid would return and I give it 4 Thai-curried Rotis out of 7.

I’m certainly in Australia!

These days of over 35 degrees Celsius are just a bit much. I’ve not been sleeping properly as it is and you compound the issue with the feeling of being slow cooked. Makes it a little tough. I have visions of Frosty the Snowman at the end of his jolly time, only I’m the very flesh and blood version.
Many things have changed. On the train to work, going down the mountains towards the city, all these larger, similar styled apartment and corporate buildings are reaching for the sky. My team has dramatically changed. There’s, I think, only 3 people still in the team from before. There’s some familiar faces, but they’ve moved in from elsewhere. All the new faces are pretty nice. I was impressed how quickly it felt like I was “home”. I was welcomed, people even bought gifts after hearing there’s a little one – these weren’t the old team mates either!
I’m in training, the team does many different work types now. Although that’s my normal working story, I don’t think I’ve been in a team that has just focused on any one thing. Maybe they don’t exist in the organisation.
I’m still searching for places to live. Have sent off a few applications. Then I have fill the places with stuff. Then with the people.

Busy and hot. That’s my return so far.


Apparently I’ve now been writing for 4 years! Thanks for wasting your time here readering reader people.

Where am I from?

I’ve been in Australia almost a whole week and I’m getting conflicting views.

I’ve been told I sound like my accent has gone “full Australian”.
Yesterday at work, however, I met a German born Australian who asked where in Germany I was born. He was amazed that I had the German accent when I spoke English…
Later that night, I was at an art exhibition and my friends also asked why I was sometimes talking with a German accent.

To me, I sound like me.

I must admit that there have been many times before my trip to Germany, before I’d even been to Europe, that people thought I wasn’t from Australia. Dunno mate. Dunno.

Today the temperature will be 37 degrees Celsius and tomorrow will be 39…
A welcome of sorts.

Safe, Sound and Sleepy

38 hours from Frankfurt to Sydney. 17 hours in Shanghai. Not enough sleep at any point.

AJ, the best friend to have in any situation, picked me up with a sign he’d written in German that translated to him needing help, he’s a professional tennis player and will play for money.
We then drove to his place for the rest of the year. We were up until almost 2am before he really, really had to go to bed because he started work at 6:30am.
I woke up as he was doing his morning stuff, we spoke briefly and then I passed out again until my alarm at 9am. It was a hard hour trying to stay awake, I was so exhausted, my eyelids so heavy… I got through and then I got to Skype my family and Ingrid’s in Germany! I saw the fireworks that the residents in the area blew up. Mateo was awake, but falling asleep. His first new year’s celebration.

AJ’s wife came out with their baby, I got to hold her for a bit, while she ate breakfast. It was very nice, but of course it’s not like your very own baby. They are such a lovely family, always offering to help with everything. Truly the best of best people!

Now I’m preparing for work tomorrow. I have many tasks to complete outside of work. Number one is to get some money… without money I won’t be able to eat or do the transport thing, it all falls apart after that. Social rebellion… riots… apocalypse… zombie rebellion… rise of the apes… fall of the apes… rise of the cockroaches and they’ll never go down.

Farewell Ingrid

What a hard day to get through.  Saying goodbye is easy compared to spending a day with a person you don’t want to leave but know they are only hours away from going.  Especially when the tunes you decide to play are a little too fitting in the melancholic connection.  I think this morning’s playlist included Dead Virgin, The Birthday Party’s “She’s Hit” and lots of Portishead.  I was going for ‘chilled out’ but I couldn’t help and match the sense of joy being lost knowing that this time has come to an end.

We went out for breakfast, Henri Marc gave us a delicious start to the day.  Ingrid claims to have had possibly the best coffee of her life, I think she ordered the Colombian one, but I cannot be sure because I lack an interest in such caffeinated dranks.  I love the face Ingrid pulls when she really enjoys the food, I saw it a few times during the trip and then I couldn’t help but use it to judge pretty much everything we had: food, beer, wine, coffee, chocolate, tim tams etc etc

Yeah, then the packing & sad music happened.  I don’t know if much else took place.

We got in the car and gave Penrith the horns.  I put on Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill because it’s one of Ingrid’s favourites.  Turns out there’s a few too many songs on there that can become tear jerkers and so sometimes when I checked on Ingrid, she was crying.  Basically the only option I had on the USB stick in the stereo was to change to Limp Bizkit hahaha

Sydney happened, Ingrid bought the final stages of Australiana: Boomerangs, soft toys of Koalas, Wombats, Platypii & I think an Echidna…  On our way to KFC (I had vouchers and neither of us had a lot of money) I mentioned how for my birthday I wanted to try this Colombian place, that should be nearby, out for food.  Ingrid insist we check it out.  It was really good.  Both our dishes had some kind of slow cooked meat, unless it always turns out that way…?  We also had Colombian juices, they were both nice, not anything too different from any normal juice or combination of juices you can get from most stores.
We returned to the car to move it to a better parking spot, and caught the train to the Airport.

I don’t think she cried the whole time.  Ingrid was impressed that I could take her all the way and wait with her at the gate until she left, neither Colombia nor Germany allow this apparently.  We win again!  We talked all kinds of things and the time passed quickly.  Too quickly for me.
I watched her board her plane, left the airport, came back to the airport just in case she needed a ride home and then, on the train back to my car I realised her carry on bag had my book that I wanted to read on this train!  We’ll just say it’s one of those things you do, so you have to see the person again.
Ingrid’s flight from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi is late…

I guess that means I’m going back to Germany to get that book!
Come back eventually for updates.