Farewell Ingrid

What a hard day to get through.  Saying goodbye is easy compared to spending a day with a person you don’t want to leave but know they are only hours away from going.  Especially when the tunes you decide to play are a little too fitting in the melancholic connection.  I think this morning’s playlist included Dead Virgin, The Birthday Party’s “She’s Hit” and lots of Portishead.  I was going for ‘chilled out’ but I couldn’t help and match the sense of joy being lost knowing that this time has come to an end.

We went out for breakfast, Henri Marc gave us a delicious start to the day.  Ingrid claims to have had possibly the best coffee of her life, I think she ordered the Colombian one, but I cannot be sure because I lack an interest in such caffeinated dranks.  I love the face Ingrid pulls when she really enjoys the food, I saw it a few times during the trip and then I couldn’t help but use it to judge pretty much everything we had: food, beer, wine, coffee, chocolate, tim tams etc etc

Yeah, then the packing & sad music happened.  I don’t know if much else took place.

We got in the car and gave Penrith the horns.  I put on Alanis Morissette’s Jagged Little Pill because it’s one of Ingrid’s favourites.  Turns out there’s a few too many songs on there that can become tear jerkers and so sometimes when I checked on Ingrid, she was crying.  Basically the only option I had on the USB stick in the stereo was to change to Limp Bizkit hahaha

Sydney happened, Ingrid bought the final stages of Australiana: Boomerangs, soft toys of Koalas, Wombats, Platypii & I think an Echidna…  On our way to KFC (I had vouchers and neither of us had a lot of money) I mentioned how for my birthday I wanted to try this Colombian place, that should be nearby, out for food.  Ingrid insist we check it out.  It was really good.  Both our dishes had some kind of slow cooked meat, unless it always turns out that way…?  We also had Colombian juices, they were both nice, not anything too different from any normal juice or combination of juices you can get from most stores.
We returned to the car to move it to a better parking spot, and caught the train to the Airport.

I don’t think she cried the whole time.  Ingrid was impressed that I could take her all the way and wait with her at the gate until she left, neither Colombia nor Germany allow this apparently.  We win again!  We talked all kinds of things and the time passed quickly.  Too quickly for me.
I watched her board her plane, left the airport, came back to the airport just in case she needed a ride home and then, on the train back to my car I realised her carry on bag had my book that I wanted to read on this train!  We’ll just say it’s one of those things you do, so you have to see the person again.
Ingrid’s flight from Melbourne to Abu Dhabi is late…

I guess that means I’m going back to Germany to get that book!
Come back eventually for updates.


Ingrid’s Australian Tour

The most exciting band the underground has ever seen this year has arrived in Australia.  Ingrid the Colombian, who lives in Berlin: a harsh combination of melodic beauty & extreme dissonance.  I’m honoured to be able to share accommodation with this creative.

First off though, things were perfect. I got the airport 40 minutes before the flight arrived, I had my presents, but forgot flowers.  As I approached the security gate I then realised I hadn’t put much thought into what I had in my bag.  I asked politely if I could leave some things with the security guys and picked them up when the flight arrived – keep them next to the bin if you will.  This is beyond security.  I was disappoint.
I would wait at the exit instead.

The plane landed, people came and went, hugged loved ones, cried, picked up luggage, all that… no Ingrid.  Could she be lost?  Could she be waiting at the gate expecting me to be there?  She hasn’t called, but I did give her my phone number, a half hour after the flight had landed the nerves started to take hold.  I was pacing the airport just in case she’s come out of some other exit, the baggage claim had been turned off… where could she be?

I had checked, before I left the house, the timing of the flights.  The trip from Abu Dhabi to Melbourne was a little bit late, but surely she’d still make it to Sydney.  As the final Sydney flight from Melbourne started to get close, a whole hour after the flight Ingrid was on, I decided to ask the baggage claim lady – the rest of the airport was closed.
“I cant give you specific details about customers”
“What if I give you their name, their flight, where they were flying from, the flight before that?  What if she’s lost or worse has been standing at the gate and I cant get through?”
“Has there been some delay for any other passengers coming from Melbourne to Sydney?”
“Yeah, all those people there are waiting for people who didn’t make a connecting flight.”

I then noticed a little, young lady near the Optus internet kiosk, with bags next to her, she had dark hair, Ingrid has dark hair, similar height.  It’s not her, but, the internet!  She missed the flight and is coming on the next one, she’s been trying to call me but the phones aren’t connecting or something.

There’s much talk on the train trip.

We get home around 1am and sleep.


I’m back. Had my first day of work today. It was ok.
I’ve probably got a few more things to write about concerning the trip, but we’ll see if I get around to it. Currently my emails to reply to are too many hundreds!!

I’m avoiding booze and meat for the rest of the month as best I can.

I cant wait until I get to see all your little faces, with your snotty noses.