This just in…

We interrupt this feed as new information has come to hand.

Apparently, according to Ingrid’s research on behalf of her parents, one can buy an apartment in Berlin for around 65,000 euros!

What on earth is wrong with Sydney?!


Mice are for cats

I fairly successfully managed to navigate the public transport system into the city centre. At the beginning of the journey a young lady asked me something in German, I apologised and explained that English is the best option for me (or simple Spanish – yeah, I’m a jerk haha).
“Do you has a cigarette for me baby?”
“Oh, um, no. I don’t smoke sorry.”
“Oh baby, you don’t smoke with me baby.”
And she walked off, eventually to start shouting at someone else down the station. I kind of wish Australian homeless would call me baby.
For lunch I managed to find a Lowenbrau and they were doing Oktoberfest specials. I got a litre of bier and half pork knuckle for under 10euro, which is insane! The waitress had a lot of tattoos but didn’t understand my questions about them, or she wanted to get me drunk, you can never tell haha.
I then made a triumphant return to the zoo, with many of the animals coming to catch up with me and the outside world. I insisted that they stay in the zoo until the revolution needs them. Stay tuned.
Ingrid and I then went to an Italian restaurant which had amazing pizza. So spectacular that we were joined by 4 mice and a spider. Ingrid really wanted to leave when the spider arrived. This was indoors, just in case you’re wondering. We weren’t sure on how to tell the staff about these guests, so I took a photo, just in case. We were expecting that they were going to think we wanted a free meal, so we paid first and conveniently a little friend followed us. The waiter replied, “of course! They are there to feed the cat.”… The cat was outside though…
Back at base camp we were sorting out some kind of list of things to do. Today I was going to go to the Grunwald forest, but naturally it’s raining. I’ll see if a bier will fix things!

Call that service?

I got a sim card, so today’s post is direct from the phone, thanks Mike, hope you and Natz got home from your trip safe and had a killer time.
Yesterday we found two galleries but one was closed. The art we experienced was interesting and thought provoking. Some works involved you laying on a reclining luxury lounge while electronic music and noise was played at you. Some was in quadraphonic speaker set up, all of them shook the lounge with the bass. Another work involved a series, I think about 90 photos, on a wall and you were given a little mp3 player that, in most instances, spoke about a photo of your choice. Not all the information was true, which was awesome. ther times it would play a field recording from where the photo was taken. The major work of the exhibition was a six panel video work, with 3 panels at the front, one panel overhead and the other 2 behind the viewer. The video shown were mostly footage of a group of people, shot in a Blair Witch style horror film, only the characters are all valley girl ditzy drag queens. Most of the time all 6 panels are playing, each one a different camera angle, but sometimes with dramatically different footage. It got a bit overwhelming at times and you didn’t know where to look to try to follow the. narrative. There were points where Ingrid and I felt ill. Pretty neat idea though.
We also saw these bands, one from Amsterdam & 2 American bands. It was a total 1970s rock worship bill. Some impersonated Mick Jagger, others Osborne or Plant. I think all the tempos were a bit too quick for the style, but to each their own and they all played well.

Today I had breakfast with Ingrid before she went to study. I’m now trying to decide what to do before I go to the zoo.
I saw that you guys are copping days with a cool change on its way. The weather here has been pleasant, sunny, but not hot.

I’m Alive!!

I’m typing to you from Berlin, using Ingrid’s computer.  The keyboard is a bit different, the ‘y’ key is where the ‘z’ key is, for instance.  Any further spelling mistakes are due to lack of diligence.  Stay calm.

Flights were good, talked to some UK & Irish ladies on the first flight – no sleep.  Second flight I played some inflight games – no sleep (for those playing at home, I played the 90’s version of Battlezone & some puzzle game called Gears, I got to the 20th level then the plane landing cut me short).  3rd flight I entered into a battle of face-pulling with an adorable 2 year old – no sleep.

So the ladies of Etihad Airlines are much prettier than China Southern, if such information is valuable for your decision making process, I’ve done the research.  You’re welcome.

I met with Ingrid with no problems, I was slightly concerned that my luggage wouldn’t appear because all the flight people didn’t seem so interested, but it turned up, Tim Tams intact.  Ingrid has now had her first Tim Tam.  I’m going to show her how to suck milk through it… for science (physics).  Ingrid was impressed that I was fine to dance until 3am after eating some pretty nice Vietnamese dinner.  Oh!  We had a frees dessert and it was terrible!  It was kidney beans, some pureed some unharmed, all soft, with sugar to make it sweet.  Neither of us were fanz.  The dancing was glorious, with many Germans touching my beard.  I don’t spraken Deutch, Ingrid said most really liked it.

I got a few hours sleep, then was up for a large part of the morning, then fell asleep again.

Today we’re looking to hit up some Ice Cream, Art Galleries & then watch The Shrine play with some other psychedelic rock bands.  It should be rad.

Incredibly Close

My prediction, or plan, in March was slightly off.

The travel plan this time is looking like this:
Leave Sydney (after several beers at work) – 9:50pm, Friday, 26th Sept
Arrive Berlin (after several whatevers on the plane) – 4:25pm, Sunday

Arrive Munich (after several Berlins) – 1:50pm, Friday

Arrive Barcelona (after several steins, a birthday party & pretzels) – 10:35pm, Monday

Leave Berlin (después de mucho español) – 8:20am, Saturday
Arrive Sydney (after wishing to go to back to Europe) – 6:50pm, Sunday

I’m also looking at taking part in “Inktober”, which begins while I’m overseas.  I won’t say that I’ll post pictures up here, because I failed to last time, but on my art page there’ll be some, eventually.
Here’s a picture to remember me by…  adios!

Poor Europe will cop this

Poor Europe will cop this