Boys’ Burger Night

I originally had plans to pack up the apartment and get our stuff into a van to move to greener pastures. Everybody else must have had the same thought,  all the vans were booked out. I had to cancel my moving personnel, except, then I thought, maybe I could get things ready to dump into a van, when it is available. So I organised to have Khaled over to dismantle some things and also organised that we’d meet with Haitham for dinner.
Things ran late, I was starving, nothing was dismantled, Khaled arrived and we ditched work for the chance to eat.
I don’t know why but Haitham was the king of the day and it was his choice as to where we’d eat. He chose what I consider to be one of the least exciting places in Wilhelmshaven. It’s not that the place is bad, the food is pretty good actually, it’s just that everyone seems to choose here or the American joint.
The guys ordered burgers… another not so inspiring choice. I decided to make fun of them and partly because of eating a burger recently with Ingrid, I ordered a schnitzel.
We talked crap for 3 hours with topics such as: your glass is dirty or has detergent in it and that’s why the head of the beer dissipates quickly, getting Khaled a girl, babies, moving houses and languages.
After paying, we dropped off Haitham at a Nepalese Night his wife helped organise.


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