333 Years of Zeteler Markt

It’s not the oldest Markt, it’s not the best Markt, but it is a cool milestone. I can remember 333 years ago, the television wasn’t a thing yet, nor were cars, in fact retirement wasn’t really a thing either… the average life expectancy in Sweden was about 32-36, depending on your gender. This markt was operating. I’m missing an ‘e’ you say? I’m not, it’s what the thing is called here in Germany.

I think I’ve mentioned it in previous posts… these markts were basically an event for farmers and business people to trade livestock, crafts, food, labour and drink a lot. These days there’s sometimes still the selling of livestock, there’s always some people some junk as craft, there’s lots of fried stuff as food, that means the drinking is still very traditional. The kids get to go on rides and things like that.

We took Ingrid’s parents along. They are still not used to the idea of ‘cold’ here. Ingrid’s mum paid the price of not bringing enough clothing and we were huddled into a café-like stall drinking hot drinks to bring her hands back to life. Francisco loves Glühwein (mulled wine) and took the opportunity to enjoy one. We had completed a lap of the place, looked at the historic exhibition, which had nothing from the beginning era, but some stuff from the last 100 years. There wasn’t much else to do because the parents weren’t interested in the rides, Ingrid isn’t able to go on any and I’m not going to do it all by myself. Ingrid’s mum wanted to eat in a restaurant, because it’s warm, comfortable, relaxed and all those nice words.
It turns out that in Zetel, there’s really only one restaurant. It’s a Greek one. Bonus! Francisco got to try Ouzo and loved it. He ate a soup (or drank it, depending on how you like to describe the action of consuming soup), the ladies ordered the same dish, an oven baked lamb and eggplant pie thing. I ordered very similar but with lamb and pasta filling. It’s Greek food, of course it was delicious.

Battling the cold was exhausting, so with filled bellies, we retired to home and slept the warriors sleep.


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