Just Like Every Other Country

Pikers are just as common.
We had organised a Sports Day in the local Stadtpark to celebrate my birthday and the sports of all of our cultures. The response from my friends, the ones I’d helped move house or drove around etc, they were sending ‘unable to attend’ messages just a few hours before we meet. They had 2 weeks notice, could have notified or changed plans before the day, you know, maybe a useful time before you have bought food and drinks. That is not the selfish way of a Piker though.
What do you do against Pikers?


One thought on “Just Like Every Other Country

  1. We encourage the formation of angry mobs!
    The solicitation of riotous music playing, the likes of which the known world has yet laid eyes upon.
    The sacrifice of limbs to the unholy abominable ether above us.
    And just the general gesticulation of a single dexterous middle digit.

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