Why Would You Watch Wonder Woman?

Sunday saw us at the cinema to watch Wonder Woman in the original language (Germans like to overdub their overseas films, like the Americans do – it ruins the art people! Subtitles or die!!!!).
I was surprised how terrible a film it was. Really.
My friend, who is a comic book fan, could only defend it by saying he liked it and that Wonder Woman is normally a weak, support character that has now improved because they’ve created her in this film.
You see that?
Not one mention of how well the acting is done, the plot, the camera angles, the graphics, the editing, the sound track, not even the action… it’s an action film!! If you don’t come away feeling that the action was good, then, you’ve really eaten rotten celery (which has a low calorie value). Obviously I could keep going into more detail, but I think this paragraph sums up all the weakness of this film, what more can be said?
Oh a highlight!
I thought it was amusing that an American still had to ‘save the day’. Wonder Woman is not American, you see, so she cannot really save the day in an American film, the Americans cannot fist pump and holler at the screen. He saves the day with an unnecessary suicidal sacrifice. Moments before, another character explains how this isn’t required. The bomb on the plain is set to a timer, it will explode, he has to merely get the plane high enough and bail out. Instead he has to use a gun (!!!) to set the bomb off, while he’s in the place. AMURICAH!
I hope I’ve spoiled the film for you. It’s saved you from watching a seriously terrible film.
Half a Wonder Woman Whip of Truth out of Ten.


3 thoughts on “Why Would You Watch Wonder Woman?

  1. If only you could omit YOU for a W word then all the letters would unify. ONE sounds close phonetically but still no cigar!

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