Early Visitors

There was a problem.  Ingrid’s parents were leaving for Scotland the next day when they were informed that you need a Visa to go there.

“Is it not a part of the Schengen area?” , I hear your thoughts asking.


It seems surprising to us all, but I guess it makes sense that a country that trades and deals with their neighbors would not want to be connected at all in a convenient manner.  Oh yeah… and Brexit.
So we began to scramble.  Could they get a Visa in time?  Could they perhaps land there and transfer to Germany, so we could meet them?  Do they have to lose their flights and possibly all the time and money too?

They had to cancel.  You cannot jump off a plane that lands in Germany to transfer to the UK and then meet your loved ones in Germany.  You either go all the way to the end or not at all.  They payed extra and managed to get a flight to Hamburg that saw them arriving a few days earlier than the original plan.

For dinner we took them to Blockbräu, the brewery restaurant, in Hamburg for dinner.  The reason for this is at least two-fold: the restaurant is a brewery, so they get straight into some good quality, local beer, and it has a terrific view of the harbour.  You can also see the brewing equipment, the food is good, very German.
We were going to park a little bit away from the restaurant, near a bridge.  It’s free, plenty of other cars are parked there and in 2-3 minutes you’re at the restaurant.  There are homeless people camping under this bridge though and that made Ingrid’s parents very nervous.  From the spot we were sitting in though, we could spot a carpark, a sneaky little space, right in front of the restaurant.  Sometimes the luck goes all the way with you.

The food was good, the beer too and the drive home at night was without incident.  I think we were all asleep by about 1am.



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