Stuffed with Thessaloniki

Another flight, another bus to another hotel.  Everybody is friendly, it’s very Utopic – as long as you ignore that most of everywhere is run down and out of business.  All we could do to help is spend.  Go there, give them your money!

(It’s going to sound like time travel, but I’m writing about the night first because that’s the first real thing of interest, the day time stuff of the first day was not really… write-worthy… I guess.)

A short walk from the hotel, passed the Roman forum, there’s a restaurant bazaar.  Pretty much you can close your eyes, spin and point (up and down too, it doesn’t matter) and you’ll be pointing at a restaurant with a waiter happy to show you their culinary greatness.  They are all in competition and I like to think that it has been this way since Heracles threw them all on top of each other.  The food is good.  We were loving here too, perhaps our second retirement place.  The walk also gave us a hint for dessert, there was a Chocolate Café.  We were to learn that the owner is actually a photographer but loves chocolate and coffee so much that he thought it would be fun to do!  The place has style, in a slapdash, hipster way.  I mentioned that I draw and showed some photos of my work.  We were then invited to return the next day so that maybe I could draw on the walls.  Ingrid and I weren’t 100% sure what this would entail, I hoped maybe it meant a return flight or something grand like that but she thought it mean sitting inside a café for a whole day and not seeing the city.  We walked around the city near the hotel until our eyelids were too heavy.

We slept well, our first time in days that we got to sleep in and then we hit up the bakeries for breakfast.  It was time to work.  The owner, George (Giorgis, I think), had pictures of what he had in mind and chalk for me to draw on the walls.  We were served delicious coffee mixed with chocolate to power us through.  The drawing took roughly 1 and a half hours, sometimes I was precariously positioned on a ladder, but it was fun and it looked “ok”.  I wasn’t impressed but I’ve not drawn with chalk since the early years.  We were then paid in chocolate, good deal.

The rest of the day was spent sight seeing, sitting around, all the casual stuff.  We ate a lot.

One Sweet Day: Chocolate Bar, you can see my art!  Here’s their Facebook  (no artwork there)



One thought on “Stuffed with Thessaloniki

  1. Paid in coffee and chocolates?
    I’m freaking there!
    Yes, I can picture ingrid looking very fitting in a nice blue and white, Greek dress.

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