Feline Beauty in Mykonos

We woke up with not much sleep in our eyes and it turned out we had to hurry.  A mix up with timezones mean that we were an hour later than we were meant to be.  There was no accurate time to be ready because all we knew that the bus is supposed to come every half an hour… not sure when in the hour, just that the next one after the one you miss should be about a half an hour later.  I think we packed and checked out in record time.

Turned out to be unnecessary.

The bus came, we got to the airport with plenty of time and naturally the flight didn’t even start to board until it was already after the “gate closing” time.

Our first glimpse of Mykonos brought love.  The warm sun shines on little white buildings that roll down hills into picture perfect water.  We started to plan how to retire in such a place.  No joke.

We were greeted at our hotel by a hug from the hostess and a handshake from the “handyman”.  It was insanely friendly and warm, very welcoming.  We were about 6 hours too early for the regular check in but they said they could probably get us a room ready in an hour if we cared to wait.  We could go around the corner to get breakfast or down the street, but we should avoid the main part of town because that’s the tourist money trap.  When we eventually decided that maybe we should go somewhere, the room was ready!  We left our bags, received some directions and more tips, including an offer to go be driven, for free, to the best restaurant that only the locals know for dinner.

Basically we were heading to a beach, where we assumed we’d eat and relax.  If we didn’t get lost it would have been probably 20 minutes walk, but we took a scenic route so we never lost sight of the water.  It appeared that most, perhaps all of the island was still sleeping, so we were forced to go to a Supermarket to get our breakfast.  We had some fun staring at the Greek text to explain what each product was and walked away with olives, some mystery cheese, bread and water.

At the beach there are those lounging, reclining chairs, where you can sit or sleep while the water sends UV light into your skin.  There were only a few souls present, I asked the nearest person what was the deal and she said that it appeared to be free.  We sat, turned down the offers for great deals on handbags, clothes and massages that some of the early peddlers announced.  Even they were relaxed.  The water was nice, cool but not freezing cold.  We were to learn that we’d stayed too long.  After lunch time, when the seats were filling steadily, a young lady went around to all the loungers issuing receipts.  It was €15 per pair of seats.  I thought that by ordering something we could perhaps get away with this… not the case.  To make matters worse, the olives were great, we had now tried Greek coffee which was also great and that made us excited for the cheese.  It smelt dreadful and tasted worse!  I can only attempt to describe it as some kind of semi-soft off-milk sourness that had an acidic aftertaste like you’d wretched recently.  Although we felt obligated to get our money’s worth of the seats we’d really only seen the water and half the island.  We paid and left.

Craft is big here, so many shops offering trinkets, sometimes handmade, dominate the sale space.  We also looked at some art galleries and Ingrid tried a few dresses.  The Greek style suits her well.

Dinner was good, not amazing, although the chocolate soufflé proved to be better than what we had in Paris.  We had to go to bed early for another extremely early flight.  The Handyman said he’d come out 2 hours before his shift starts to take us and his “favourite girls” to the airport.

That wasn’t necessary.  The airport wasn’t even open when we arrived.  There were people and cats waiting around.  Cats were everywhere actually, even in the section after you get security scanned.  On the plus side, no mice.

Thanks to Sofia Village for making the time just that much more special.  I highly recommend you go here to book, if you’re ever in town: http://www.sofiavillage.gr/


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